Edge - Improved Nightmare
Improved Nightmare Harrowed

As Nightmare, but the target loses a Benny immediately and gains the Bad Dreams Hindrance for 2d6+1 days on a success or 1d6+1 weeks on a raise.

Additionally, the Harrowed can deliver specific images to the victim, or appear in the sent nightmare or vision to deliver a message. The undead doesn’t really join in the nightmare, though. The Marshal decides exactly how the Harrowed’s message manifests in the dream and how the victim reacts, based upon the individual’s personality and the image and message described.

In game terms, the Harrowed player describes to the Marshal how the undead’s image appears in the dream, and explains the intended message. The message can include all sorts of special effects—certainly more than just a floating head spitting out some words. But an undead cowpoke should be discreet with this Edge. If the locals start comparing notes and find that the same hombre is appearing in all their dreams, that Harrowed is liable to find a lynch mob looking for him.

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