Edge - Ghost
Ghost Harrowed

As their first action during their turn, the Harrowed can become incorporeal with a successful Spirit roll (they can perform no actions, including free actions, before using Ghost). Once incorporeal, they must remain in that state until the beginning of their action on the next round (unless they suffers damage, see below). While ghosted, the Harrowed is intangible—unaffected by the physical world and unable to affect it—though they are still visible and magical attacks affect them normally.

The deader may remain ghosted as long as they wish, but it requires concentration and inflicts a –2 penalty to all other Trait rolls while it is maintained. With a free action, the Harrowed can become tangible again at the beginning of their turn. If they somehow suffer damage (Shaken, or one or more wounds)—say, from a magical or supernatural attack—while in this state, they must make a Spirit roll at –2 or immediately become tangible.

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