Edge - Dead Reckoning
Dead Reckoning Harrowed

Dead Reckoning is the ability to sense the direction to the nearest human corpse. It may lead a cowpoke to the undertaker's shop, a cemetery, or the site of a recent bushwhacking—or it might lead to a walking corpse. It doesn’t matter how far away that nearest corpse is, as long as it still has at least some flesh on its bones; Dead Reckoning can’t lock onto a bare skeleton.

The Harrowed spends a full round concentrating, and makes a Spirit roll at –2. With a success, the Edge points them toward the nearest cadaver. On a raise, the Harrowed also gains a vague sense of distance to the corpse (just around the bend, not very close, or miles away), and its general condition (buried, ambulatory).

Dead Reckoning can also recognize Harrowed posing as living, breathing folks—assuming the Harrowed is the only corpse nearby. All it takes is success on a Spirit roll (–2), as above. Picking a Harrowed out of a graveyard or similar collection of corpses, however, is very hard—apply an additional –4 penalty to the Spirit check (–6 total).

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