Edge - Dead Man’s Hand
Dead Man’s Hand Harrowed

Harrowed with this power can continue to control their own severed body parts—usually a hand or an eye—for short periods of time, even if they're out of sight. To use the Edge, the deader rolls Spirit and either slices off their own hand—with a Bowie knife or similar implement—or plucks out an eyeball.

With a success, the body part remains active and under its owner's mental control up to a Range of the deader's Smarts x5, or Smarts x10 on a raise. On a failure, the deader suffers an automatic wound and an Injury (either Arm or Head, Blinded, as appropriate), which persists until the deader reattaches the body part and passes a Spirit test at –2, or until they succeed on their next Natural Healing roll and grows it back.

The deader can maintain the Dead Man's Hand as long as they wish, but while it's active it commands a portion of their attention, inflicting a –2 penalty on other Trait rolls. Additionally, the Harrowed is assumed to have the One Arm or One Eye Hindrance until the body part is reattached.

Severed hands use the Animate Hand profile (see the Deadlands Marshal's Handbook). Although they're pretty tough, severed hands are much better at opening jail cells and causing distractions than beating the Hell out of someone. Or the deader could pluck out an eyeball and give it to a compadre—so the Harrowed can spy on the scene when he's not around.

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