Edge - Charnel Breath
Charnel Breath Harrowed

Charnel Breath is the ability to dredge up all the worst stench of decay in a Harrowed's body, supernaturally fester it even further, and blow it out all over an unsuspecting target within arm’s reach. The corrosive gas produces watery eyes and violent retching.

The Harrowed rolls Spirit opposed by an adjacent target's Vigor. On a success the victim suffers a level of Fatigue, or two levels with a raise. Each level recovers after 1d6 rounds of breathing fresh air. This effect can't kill, but it can Incapacitate due to extreme nausea.

Beyond arm's reach, charnel breath does little more than offend. But everyone in the room likely wrinkles their noses and holds their breath until a breeze clears the noxious fumes. Nonliving beings are immune to this particular power…although even they don’t appreciate a ghastly belch in the face.

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