Edge - Arcane Background (Weird Science)
Arcane Background
(Weird Science)

Mad Scientists create incredible inventions with the help of ghost rock.

Each new power is actually a new "gizmo". The player must write down exactly what the device is when they gain the power. Each device comes with its own Power Points equal to the inventor’s Power Points. A Weird Scientist can also repeat a power that's already been taken, allowing for duplicate gizmos.

Weird Science is the skill an inventor uses when activating most devices, and raises increase the effects of the power as usual. If a device uses a different skill, such as Driving, Fighting, or Shooting, the inventor uses that instead. Powers that require an opposed roll also use the scientist’s Weird Science skill.

  • Malfunction: Whenever someone using a scientist’s gizmo rolls a 1 on their trait die (regardless of the result of their Wild Die), it explodes, erupts, or otherwise breaks in the most spectacular and injurious manner possible. This causes 2d6 damage in a Medium Burst Template centered on the user. The gizmo is ruined until repaired, which requires 2d6 hours and a Repair roll by someone with Arcane Background (Weird Science).
  • Dementia: Every time the inventor takes the New Power Edge, they gain a random dementia.
  • Maintaining Powers: Because Weird Scientists use inventions rather than cast spells, they don’t suffer any penalties for maintaining powers, but their devices still pay the maintenance costs in Power Points.
  • Recharging: Devices regain Power Points just like a character, at the rate of one point per hour. Recharging may represent the device being plugged into an outlet, gathering solar rays, or even fritzing out for a while until it miraculously just starts working again. Regardless of the description, however, it regains Power Points at the rate of one per hour just like other power types. The Power Edges Rapid Recharge and Improved Rapid Recharge apply to all of the inventor’s devices rather than the inventor.
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