Edge - Arcane Background (Shamanism)
Arcane Background (Shamanism) Background

Shamans are Indian holy men and women, and keepers of tribal medicine. Their power comes from bargains with the demanding spirits of the natural world.

Appeasing the Spirits: Shamanic “sins” work differently from other miraculous Arcane Backgrounds. The spirits require rituals, performed daily, to appease them so they grant favors. A shamanic ritual takes four hours with a Tribal Medicine of d4. For each die type above d4, the time required is reduced by 30 minutes.

Instead of the usual effects of a “sin,” shamans who do not regularly perform rituals suffer the penalty listed to their Tribal Medicine roll and may regain Power Points slower, as noted below.

Ritual Requirements
Minor: Has not performed a ritual within the prior day. Tribal Medicine –1.
Major: Has not performed a ritual within the prior week. Tribal Medicine –2; Power Points recharge at rate of 1/two hours.
Mortal: Has not performed a ritual within the prior month. Tribal Medicine –4; Power Points recharge at rate of 1/four hours.

The spirits are more forgiving to those shamans who follow the Old Ways; a character with the Minor version of the Hindrance can ignore 1 point of penalties while the Major version ignores 2 points. Power Point recharging is unaffected by the Hindrance, as the spirits only forgive so much.

Tribal Medicine: To use a power, the shaman must also perform some sort of ritual on the spot. At the very least this involves chanting and a Tribal Medicine roll. If the shaman cannot speak, they cannot use any powers.

Bad Medicine: If a Shaman ever rolls a 1 on the Tribal Medicine die (regardless of the result of the Wild Die), the power they were trying to summon fails and they gain a Fatigue level that can only be regained by several hours’ meditation, communing with the spirits in a sweat lodge, or suchlike.

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