Edge - Arcane Background (Magic)
Arcane Background (Magic) Background

Hucksters deal with manitous to create their spells.

Backlash: When a magician rolls a 1 on the Spellcasting die (regardless of Wild Die), the character is automatically Shaken. This can cause a wound.

Deal With the Devil: As a free and instant action, the huckster may challenge a manitou to a battle of wills. To make the deal, the huckster announces which spells they're casting (including any variables, like extra damage or number of bolts, for example), and how many Power Points are needed.

Once the huckster has declared what they're after, they draw five cards plus one per point of Grit. They then makes the best poker hand they can (using just five of the cards in their hand). Jokers are wild cards and can be used in place of any card in the deck (even duplicating cards already in the huckster’s hand). Unused cards are discarded and the huckster compares their hand with the chart on page 81 of the Deadlands Player's Guide.

If the huckster’s hand matches or beats the number of Power Points needed to cast the hex, they've won his bargain with the manitou. They still needs to make a Spellcasting roll to determine success, but the Power Points are paid by the manitou. With a Flush or better, success is automatic, but a Spellcasting roll may still be needed to hit or in the case of an opposed roll (the huckster gains a +4 bonus for the Flush).

If the huckster fails to generate enough power for his hex, or uses a Joker in his final hand, the manitou wins the battle of wills. After the hex takes effect (or fails), the Marshal rolls on the Backfire Table (see the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook) and breaks the bad news to the huckster.

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