Edge - Arcane Background (Hexslinger)
Arcane Background (Hexslinger) Background

Hexslingers learn to focus their magic through their gunplay.

Backlash: When a hexslinger rolls a 1 on the Hexslinging die (regardless of the Wild Die), the character is automatically Shaken.

  • Deadeye: Whenever the hexslinger rolls a raise to activate a power, the cost is reduced by one Power Point. Additional raises have no effect; the cost can only be reduced by 1.
  • Fancy Irons: Hexslingers gussy up their chosen weapon with silver inlays, intricate designs, pearl handles, and other such accoutrements—and they crackle with weird energies when used to activate powers. This is bound to garner unwanted attention. For onlookers, a Notice roll at –2 reveals something “odd” about the gun, though a Persuasion roll may explain it away as New Science or some other mundane effect. With a raise on the Notice roll, an observer becomes convinced that the hexslinger’s guns run on black magic.
  • Hexslinging: A hexslinger can cast certain powers as a free action if they directly affect the chosen item and its normal use. Those powers are aim, boost Shooting, and smite.
  • Magic: Hexslingers may use Edges that require Arcane Background (Magic), except Wizard.
  • Mystical Bond: Every hexslinger has a single mystical item to which she’s tied, and depends on it to help channel the manitous’ mojo in an orderly fashion. The character must have the mystically engraved item—typically a pistol—in hand to activate powers. If the item is ever lost, it takes 2d6 days to engrave and bond to a new item. In a pinch, a hexslinger can enact powers with a substitute item, but this is extremely risky; see below.
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