Edge - Alchemy
Alchemy Mad Science

This character can make potions from their powers as well as devices. The downside to potions is they must
be prepared ahead of time.

An alchemist character has half their normal Power Points per known power to divide among as many potions as they wish. Extra points may be put into a potion to maintain the duration up to a predetermined limit. The alchemist can brew potions for each power they know. Power Points are “tied up” in a potion until it is used.

Brewing a potion requires a chemistry set and 30 minutes per power. At the end of the brewing process, the alchemist must make a Weird Science roll. Failure means the potion is ruined. Success indicates it will work when used, and raises work as usual. Attack powers require a Throwing roll to hit (range of 3/6/12), and opposed powers require a normal success to resist (or –2 with a raise). Otherwise, no roll is needed to use a potion.

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