Adelaide Verloren
Portrait of Adelaide Verloren
Portrayed by Angelina Jolie
Name: Adelaide Verloren
Aliases: Delly
Heritage: American
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana
Occupation: Mother


Varg Verloren seduced Adelaide Toutant away from her opulent home in New Orleans at 14 years old. They stole a lot of her parents finery and absconded with enough that they lived quite well on their run-away route north. On top of their stolen wealth Varg made enough to support them both and more at cards. Stealing from her parents gave Adelaide a thrill and taste for the easy way of making money. Often times while Varg was occupying the high rollers at the tables downstairs, Adelaide would break into their rooms upstairs and take the valuables left there.

They were extremely lucky, Varg's gifts and wisdom allowed him to win and lose just enough that there weren't many accusations of cheating. Adelaide's fun up in their rooms was most often blamed on the help. No one really could imagine that the charming southern belle could ever be involved in such shenanigans.

Varg tried to get her to read his most cherished possession, Hoyle's Book of Games but she simply did not have the mind for all of the odds and diagrams within. There was a disappointment in Varg at this but he would kiss her and remark that she would give him his hope for continuing his legacy through their children. Bent was born in Chicago and the Verloren's put down stakes a bit. It was just after Heidi was born, two years after her brother that Adelaide was a bit surprised to learn that Varg had a brother, identical twin brother, Bjorn. The twins had had a falling out Bjorn, like Adelaide didn't have the penchant for Hoyle's Book and it caused tension in the brothers. Finally leading to an argument that caused Varg to leave home. Bjorn spent years trying to track down his brother and finally found him once they had settled in Chicago.

Bjorn proved to be an honorable man, he never revealed why he left them in Chicago to travel west. But Adelaide knew it was because he developed feelings for her. He was a wonderful companion, it was nice for Adelaide to be able to have someone else in the family that didn't have the gift for cards her husband and young children did.

Both children took after their father in that most special of ways. From an early age he taught his kids how to use their gifts, Bent a Hexslinger and Heidi a Huckster. Because of the way they were raised they were precocious children. They took to dealing with the devil like ducks to water. It often frightened Adelaide, but she new that Varg would never do anything to truly put them into jeopardy. But despite their skills and their father's instruction, kids will be kids. Chicago is a city where people live right on op of each other and one day when Bent was 14 going on 15 and Heidi was 12 they were 'practicing' and a neighbor spotted them through a window.

A small mob quickly formed and, their home was invaded. Luckily she and Varg were just coming home after some 'work'. Varg intervened, allowing them to escape while she was gathering things from their apartment. They met in an alley and then she ran with her children to the Train Station. It was The Plan the Verloren's had put together since the children showed their gifts. They waited for Varg longer than they were instructed too. But when they heard excited gossip from others in the station they learned that the mob overtook Varg after a long fight against the righteous and burned him at the stake in the square of their neighborhood in Chicago. They could see the black smoke from the station window. The anguish she felt watching those plumes was like she was tied to that stake with the love of her life. She clung to her children and is now ashamed of just how inconsolable she was with them. There was only one place to go. As per tradition for the Verloren Family, it is done that the unmarried brother of a dead brother will take on the widow and any children as their own. Even beyond this tradition the only family they have left is Bjorn. So once she finally recovered she bought tickets as far west as she could afford at the time. Without Varg's talents Adelaide knew that they would have to live frugally with the cache she was able to grab from the apartment.

It has been a hellacious trip as the Oregon Trail is historically, the further west they got, the stranger things became. By the time they reached Idaho most of their wagon train was dead from various tragedies. The Verloren's were altering between walking and riding the two horses they had left after their wagon got swept down river. The Wolves came at night, just after sundown during dinner. Once again there was a whirlwind of packing and carrying her children out of harms way yet again. Adelaide was able to get them onto their horses that were not yet unsaddled for the night. It had been almost a year since either Bent or Heidi used their gifts, even in practice. But the situation was dire and it is the only reason the three of them are still alive. While Bent shot and killed as many wolves as they could Heidi was lead by her sharpened senses towards the smell of leather. A cabin in the woods up the mountain some on the north side of Baldy Mountain which is about half way between Soda Springs and Fort Hall.

The kids shared a horse and were ahead of their mother on purpose. It was with the cabin in sight that the wolves finally caught up with them and took down her horse. She ran, and perhaps had a too long moment of relief seeing her children make it to the cabin. But that relief turned into biting pain as the wolves chomped and tore at her. The popping sound of her shoulder coming away and the wet sound of flesh ripping was the last thing Adelaide remembers. Her eyes drifted shut watching the wolves fight over her severed arm. There are fuzzy memories, of Bent dragging her into the cabin, Heidi at her side crying as she tried to stop the bleeding. This gruff stranger and a savage woman. Then the room was dancing with light and shadow and there were animals, but she had no fear of them. Then darkness. When she awoke the next day she was relieved to find that she was fully healed. She was whole! The Squaw performed some magic and it gave her back her arm.

The Gruff Man turned out to be Carson Cole, they made arrangements that he would be their guide along the rest of the trail. They gathered up all of the pelts, any items of value left in the cabin and packed up some fresh horses. The Trail Blazers continued on towards Fort Hall, unfortunately a few miles before they arrived at Fort Hall Carson Cole apologetically parted ways with them. But he had his Squaw stay with the family. Something that Adeliaide is very appreciative of. She is healed but still not completely all right. Losing Varg, The Trail, and the Wolves it has all taken its toll on the Southern Belle.



Varg Verloren

Varg Verloren

Late Husband

The love of her life, father of her children.

Bjorn Verloren

Bjorn Verloren


A dear companion and honorable man. Now that Varg is dead Adelaide wants nothing more than to be with the only other member of their family left in Oregon.

Bent Verloren

Bent Verloren


She's so very sad that Bent has had to grow up so fast. Not even since his Papa died. Varg always treated him like a man since Bent could walk. Adelaide understood why and tried to be a nurturing force for Bent, but she always supported how Varg chose to raise their children.

Heidi Verloren

Heidi Verloren


While Heidi was absolutely her father's daughter, Adelaide and her were still very close as the both enjoyed feminine things. While Bent and Varg were rough and tumble men, it was bonding to have another lady in the family. Adelaide however worries that now that Varg is dead, he won't be able to help Heidi any longer in learning how to control her demons. She was Heidi's age when she eloped with Varg. Adelaide hopes that her daughter can have a few more years of independence.

Carson Cole

Carson Cole

Former Guide

When he happened upon their predicament with the wolves at the cabin they hid in he saved their lives. He has agreed to escort them to Oregon. To be paid upon arrival. Adelaide had claimed to be very poor at the moment, she's not yet sure she can trust the man. This distrust proved to be useful when Carson Cole ended their professional agreement several miles outside of Fort Hall. Something about the place caused him to part ways with the Verloren family without much explanation but with much regret and a lot of apology.



Maid and Healer

The wolves had ripped her arm off and was using it as a chew toy when Carson Cole rescued them. Combined knowledges of the Verloren's got the bulk of the bleeding to stop. But then this savage woman comes into the cabin and sees her dying she takes some things out of a ratty satchel and everything faded to black. Adelaide was certain she was dead. But she woke up and the sun was shining through the window. A miracle, the savage according to her children performed some ritual that kept her alive and more so the miracle is that Adelaide woke up with her arm restored. The savages are heathens! But their powers can no longer be denied by Adelaide. When Carson Cole parted ways with the group he left the woman with them. It reminded Adelaide of the time she saw a boy throw stones at a dog who was trying to follow him home. Perhaps she can be civilized enough to become a maid to Aidelaide and nanny to the children. Having a powerful healer on their dangerous path is nothing to turn your nose up at.


Adelaide Verloren


Agility: Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Smarts: Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Spirit: Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Strength: Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Vigor: Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png


  • English
  • French
  • Creole

Secondary Statistics

Add to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls
Run: +d6; -2 on other actions this round
2 + half Fighting die type
2 + half Vigor die type
2 + half Notice die type
1 point per Rank; Add to Fear checks

Permanent Injuries


Driving (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Fighting (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Healing (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Intimidation (Spirit): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Investigation (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Battle) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Notice (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Perform (Spirit): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Persuasion (Spirit): Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Piloting (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Repair (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Riding (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Shooting (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Stealth (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Streetwise (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Survival (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Taunt (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Thievery (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Throwing (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Tracking (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png

Racial Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Adaptive: Humans receive an extra Edge during character creation.


Hindrance Type Description

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Edge Type Description

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Weapon Range Damage RoF AP Shots Weight Notes
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Wealth and Currency

Savings $


Total XP: 0 Rank: Novice
XP Rank Advance


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