Noir Slang
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Common Term/Phrase Noir Slang
$100 C ("a pair of C's"; meaning $200), yard
$1,000 large ("twenty large", meaning $20,000)
ambulance meat wagon
black person dark meat, dinge, smoke
car boiler, can, crate, heap
cheat, swindle chisel
coffin Chicago overcoat, wooden kimono
con grift, graft
con man fakeloo artist, grifter
corpse stiff
death the big one, the big sleep, the long goodbye
detective dick, cop, peeper, shamus, sleuth
drunkard boozehound
enforcer, tough guy Bruno
face map, mug, mush, pan, puss
fair, honest on the level
false bunk
fire a gun burn powder, drill
gun bean-shooter, gat, heater, rod, roscoe, iron
gun, carrying a heeled, packing, wearing iron
head noodle
hands mitts, paws
handcuffs bracelets
have lots of… lousy with…
hitman, professional killer button man, hatchet man
identify finger, put the finger on, sing
in a tight spot, in a difficult position behind the eight-ball
kicked out, to be the bum's rush
kill blip off, blow one down, bop, bump, bump off, knock off, put on ice, rub out, whack
leave blow, drift, take a powder
legs (especially a woman's) gams, getaway sticks
man bird, mug*, palooka* (*esp. a dumb one)
money scratch, cabbage, dough, clams, berries, cabbage, lettuce
mouth kisser, yap
pearls marbles, oyster fruit
person number
person (as a form of address) baby (can be used for a man or a woman), bo, buster, fellow, pal
police buttons, copper
police station clubhouse
policeman cop, copper, flatfoot
prison, jail big house, caboose, can, hoosegow, slammer, up the river
private detective private dick, gumshoe, shamus
punch chin music, kiss, paste, poke, sock
shoot let the daylight in, fill him with daylight, plug
snitch canary (can also mean a female singer)
telephone blower, horn
telephone call, make a drop a dime
thing dingus
woman babe, bim, broad, chick, dame, dish, doll, kitten, skirt, tomato, twist
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