Edge - Eureka!
Eureka! Patent Scientist

You’ve achieved the goal of individual patent scientists everywhere! After days, weeks, or even years of tinkering, you may create a true Patent Device out of one of your powers. When this Edge is taken, pick a power to go with it (you can take Eureka! multiple times). You’ve refined the associated gizmo enough that it can now use raw ghost rock as another source of power!

One ounce of raw ghost rock provides 2 Power Points, so a pound of ghost rock provides 32 Power Points. The gizmo is still limited to the maximum number of Power Points of the inventor; it can just regain those points through the use of ghost rock.

The inventor’s own device regains PPs at their normal rate, but they can also use ghost rock as points as well. It comes down to a simple question of time or money.

Fortunately, the prototype is more stable than most other gizmos; it only suffers a Malfunction on a critical failure. On top of that, your blueprint and patent earn prestige and money from a corporation capable of reproducing your device on a mass-market scale. Thereafter, you have +2 Charisma when dealing with other patent scientists and receive 1d6 x $75 in royalties—which you may need to pay the ghost rock bill.

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