Edge - Arcane Background (Voodooist)
Arcane Background (Voodooist) Background

Voodoo draws its power from spirits called loa. Player character houngans (males) and mambos (females) get their power from rada, the “good guys” in the voodoo religion. (Evil voodooists get their mojo from petro.)

Backlash: A voodooist who rolls a 1 on the Voodoo die (regardless of the Wild Die) is Shaken. On snake eyes, they gain a level of Fatigue that is recovered after four hours of rest.

  • Conjure Bags: A voodooist must have their talismans, amulets, and the like with them or suffer a –2 to Voodoo rolls when casting spells.
  • Miracles: Voodooists may use Edges that require Arcane Background (Miracles).
  • Shrine: A voodooist must spend an hour each evening at a shrine to the loas preparing their talismans and offering gifts to the spirits. If they do not, they can't cast spells during the next day.
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