Yogangs in Night City

Over 50% of the children born on the Street don't know both of their biological parents. The nuclear family is a rare breed as the dangers and stresses of poverty have pushed it to the edge of extinction. In the CorpZones, juves are being either brainwashed or ignored, crammed into cookie-cutter personalities, while their parents have sold out and left them at the mercy of the corporate system. On the Outside, street kids are fighting for a means to live while trying to find someplace to call home, even for a little while.

Out of a basic need for identity and rebellion, and (most importantly) to have fun, comes a new version of an old theme: the yogang. Yogangs while not strictly families in the standard sense of the word, have taken on that role for many since the decline of the more typical forms.

While there are countless yogangs in Night City, these are a featured handful.

29th Street Stompers

The Stompers are the Moshers that hold the abandoned construction lot at 29th and Zelazny and the surrounding neighborhood. They're generally a happy and social bunch, glad to invite anyone to the endless party. Well, almost anyone — GoldenKids and GlitterKids aren't usually welcome, and MallBrats had better be bringing something damn good to liven up the scene if they want a pass.

Ranks/Titles: There are no ranks among the Stompers. Status is earned by providing the group with music, alcohol, drugs, and other forms of entertainment. Actual musicians earn the most respect, but in the end, nobody is considered better than anyone else.

Look/Style: Stompers are pretty typical Moshers, favoring lots of denim, band pins, tattoos, etc.

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Annarchy Ant Bones Joker Maddie Thorn


BoardPunks are considered a bit of a nuisance by most Dead Guys, but the Alley-OOP gang take it to a new level. They are the sea gulls of BoardPunks. They dive bomb vehicles for a game of chicken.

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The Apocs

These MegaViolents firmly believe that the world has entered a post-apocalyptic age, and the ISA's reconstruction is nothing but an illusion. Apocs reject modern comforts (thought not necessarily modern arms; they're still practical) in favor of making their own way amidst the ruins and scrapyards of yesterday. They believe in destroying the mirage of the ISA's promises of prosperity, so that the world can actually begin to rebuild from the true wasteland it has become. Old flatvids like The Road Warrior, Tank Girl, and Doomsday are their entertainment and inspiration. They fix up old vehicles, armoring them with whatever scrap they can find to transform them into "battle wagons".

Ranks/Titles: The leader of the Apocs is known as the Fury.

Look/Style: Apoc style reflects their post-apocalyptic beliefs. Their armor is patched together from car parts and other scrap. Their clothing ends to be ragged and torn (often deliberately to enhance their aesthetic). They are frequently covered in a layer of dirt and grease from working and playing in the scrapyards and riding hard on their battle wagons.

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Booster Daisy Sliver

Blood Clan

Blood Clan is a savage yogang of hardened MegaViolents, living by a code of conduct suited to a more barbaric age. They take in the strong, the survivors, and turn them into warriors. Blood Clan teach 'gangers that might makes right, and you only own what you can prevent another from taking from you. Many members of Blood Clan are orphans and runaways — those that didn't want to scrounge out the life of a Squat and were willing to face the pain and hardship of finding camaraderie among these brutal juves.

Ranks/Titles: The leader of the Blood Clan is known as the War Leader.

Look/Style: The chief color of Blood Clan is, unsurprisingly, red. While many wear it in their clothes and dye their hair red, the one thing they all have in common is that they paint their faces in red war paint.

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Boomer Demon Red Sasha

Bon Appetit

A GoldenKid yogang that is mostly focused around culinary delicacies. The more illegal or endangered the better.

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Burning Tigers

Most people aren't sure whether to consider Hitora (a.k.a. the Burning Tigers) a StreetFighter school or a GoGang. The truth is that they're a bit of both. They're GoGangers with a heavy emphasis on Japanese martial arts. Though seemingly wild and out of control, they maintain cohesion due to strong discipline, primarily enforced by the gang's connection to Japantown's Yakuza.

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Jade Lotus

Chrome Club

Chrome Club is made up of those GoldenKids, GlitterKids, and Lookers that don't bow to the King and Queen of the Royal Court. Chromers are less concerned with acquiring and maintaining power for personal gain, and more focused on using what influence they have to make a difference. They are more in the public eye and more likely to rub elbows with the "little people" than their Royal Courtier counterparts. The Chrome Club is so called because it initially formed out of a clique that took over the Cafe Chrome scene. Originally, it was intended to be disparaging, suggesting that they are merely chrome with no real depth underneath, but the name stuck and only the Courtiers still seem to think it's an insult.

To be a Chromer is to be looked down upon by the Royal Court. Of course, the opposite is usually true, as well. Still, both sides understand that sometimes the resources of the other will be needed, and diplomatic negotiations can take place.

Ranks/Titles: While formal ranks do not exist among Chrome Club, there is no question that there is a hierarchy of status based on popularity, who is dating whom, sense of style, and who throws the best parties.

Look/Style: Always stylish, always bold. Chromers have taken their name to heart and like to incorporate a lot of chrome accessories.

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Chastity Hilton Cherry Bomb Cleo North Melody Tan

Cold Saints

The Cold Saints are not so much a yogang as they are simply the regular crowd of Goths that hang out at the nightclub known as the Cathedral. It wasn't a name they gave themselves, though nobody is really sure who started calling them Saints. They go along the with the joke, though, frequently mocking the church by showing up to the club in inappropriate versions of religious vestments or referring to one another as "Brother" or "Sister".

Ranks/Titles: None, though those who earn respect are sometimes given mock titles like "Bishop", "Abbess", or "Cardinal".

Look/Style: Cold Saints welcome a variety of goth looks, from the classic Victorian goths to the modern cybergoths.

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Arachne Bowler Chess Lilith Princess Weaver Widow

Dead Eyes

Led by the enigmatic edgerunner, Isaac Samedi, the Goths known as the Dead Eyes go beyond merely staring death in the face, espousing the philosophy that they are not simply "dead already," but that the world is already dead, and this is Hell, but only those with "dead eyes" can see it. Even other Goths avoid drawing the ire of the Dead Eyes. They have a cult-like structure, steeped in a heavily corrupted form of voodoo, with rumors suggesting that they believe Isaac to be the legendary Baron Samedi in mortal form. Isaac recruits only the Changed, filling them with notions that their powers are gifts from the loa. He has a particular knack for recognizing the CyberEvolved, and for seeking out rare and unique CyberGenera. The Dead Eyes have been associated with a number of crimes — including murder, assault, kidnapping, and rape — but so far no effort to bring Isaac or his people to justice has borne fruit.

Ranks/Titles: Isaac Samedi is the one true leader and is known by various titles: Baron, Master, Papa, Divine Incarnation. The rest of the Dead Eyes are called Disciples.

Look/Style: Dead Eyes favor a more classic goth look, dressing in Victorian-inspired styles. Their insignia is an eye with a blood tear beneath it. They all wear a pendant in the shape of this mark, the metal eye made to resemble hexite, with a faux-ruby tear dangling from it.

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Cacophony Damballa Daze Isaac Samedi JackKnife Stygia

Diamond Dogs

The Diamond Dogs are the entourage of GlitterKids and Lookers that has converged around Dingo and Diamond. It is well known that the beautiful Dogs will be present at Dingo's raves — dancing, flirting, and entertaining the party-goers.

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Amber Crystal Diamond Dingo Haema Jet Obsydian Ruby Ruri Topaz

Dungeon Masters

A group of V-Punks with a penchant for medieval sword-and-sorcery fantasy.

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Grimms Laurylai Loot

Eagle Corps

The largest Guardian gang in Night City is Eagle Corps. They are well organized and very willing to support other Guardian gangs in times of need. While some will take them up on this offer, it is not without some trepidation, as Eagle Corps has a history of assuming command even in other Guardians' turf. The current leadership has overturned this policy, but the reputation remains.

Taking a note from GoGangers, the Eagle Corps makes use of cyberbikes to move quickly, coordinating their efforts via radio. Eagles are assigned a patrol partner and it isn't uncommon to find them in larger groups, particularly in dangerous parts of town.

Ranks/Titles: Commander, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal, Private

Look/Style: Typical greens, camo, and fatigues. Eagle Corps' insignia is a stylized eagle on a shield.

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Steel Striker

Earth Dance

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Cloud-9 Cody Redfox Coyote Moonchaser Crying Fox Ghost Bear


A BoardPunk gang that looks right out of the 1950s. However, they originally got their name due to the territory they claim — an abandoned, derelict tank that neighbors the parking lot of the Stadium (which is also their turf). The tank contains about a foot of ancient oil. The catwalk over the top was mangled when it used to be a popular arena for ritual gang combat. Now it is the initiation gauntlet to get into the yogang. Losing your balance is a serious consideration because even a small amount of oil in the lungs can suffocate.

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Heretic Fringe

The most mysterious of all yogangs in Night City is the Heretic Fringe. To some, they are just an urban legend. If the rumors are true, then these Rads are less of a yogang and more of a conspiracy, with members culled from numerous other yogangs. Some say they are anarchists, but those with a keener eye for the acts of "terrorism" attributed to them suggest that they are simply radicals willing to take extreme measures to cripple the I.S.A.
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Silhouette Slave

Hong Kong Musketeers

A StreetFighter yogang that handles security at the Sunset Bar and Grill. The leader of the gang, Bentley Chan's father owns the business and things get a little rowdy when there's a concert at the near-by Rainbow Nights Dance Club. The dead-guy security his father hired doesn't like beating up kids. So that's where the Hong Kong Musketeers come in.

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The Kahunas

A yogang of surfing-oriented BoardPunks that began with a group that came to the mainland from Hawai'i. Most of them live across the bay at the Military Base, but they hang loose at the beach along the northern side of Central Night City.

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The Pack

With a one-room con apt going for 2000eb a month, the homeless problem in Night City has reached epidemic proportions (there's never been an official census of the homeless population in the City, but estimates place it at around ten to fifteen thousand). The Street is impossibly crowded, and often there are ten or twenty people fighting to sleep in the same dumpster. Worse, the gangs prey on the homeless, the cops beat them and drive them out of the more livable sections of the City, and corporate security often uses them for target practice (or worse). In Night City, the only real refuge for these victims is the Park; a place with little or no police and plenty of bio-engineered foliage to huddle under at night.

Much like a nomad Elder, Kilven Wilkson has banded these various groups of terrorized Park dwellers together into a large organization nicknamed the "Pack". The Pack operates much like any other nomad family, with a rough chain of command based on seniority, communal food sharing and group defense. Unlike other nomad bands, the Pack doesn't have any vehicles; if they did, you can bet they'd be living in them.

No one knows exactly how large the Pack really is, but thanks to its numbers and Kilven's street sawy, it is becoming a political force to be reckoned with. In addition, the Pack has negotiated loose alliances with some of the gangs in the Park Area. Even a boosterganger can appreciate having a thousand-plus people willing to help out in the next big turf war.

The Pack also will "take in" outsiders who have helped them out in some way. Even important and famous people have been adopted by The Pack; rocker Johnny Silverhand, for his Pack-benefit concerts, solo Andrew Scythe of the Hacienda, for defending The Pack against the Bay Area Rapid Terror, and media Jacob Davies, a Net 54 reporter who conned the police into helping the Pack during a gang attack. As a result, the Pack has some powerful friends.

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Mamma's Boys

A speedcruising GoGang. They are casual rebels and prefer the velocity and the freedom of the open highway ridden on an open throttle to the wild trash run through a combat zone. The gang has nomad roots, the founder of the gang is the eldest son of Big Mamma, Ryder Walker. The loss of Ryder's father, being pregnant, and also inheriting most of the block of buildings that is now Mamma's Place and the auto body and repair shop beside it, Big Mamma settled down in Night City. Ever since, she's been taking in strays. Mamma's Boys is an unusual yogang for the fact that they have an adult looking out for them and giving them a sanctuary and haven when they aren't doing the rubber dance along Night City's streets and highways. The streets of the Upper Marina (where Mamma's Place is), the Upper Eastside, and the East Marina is their turf.

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Bull Spaz Stretch


The Night City Newshounds are the best-known group of Vidiots in the city, pirating media signals and hijacking newsfeeds to spread the truth amidst the ISA's propaganda machine.

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Irish Nia Hernandez

New Harbor Syndicate

This trade association comprises several successful MallBrats that operate out of the New Harbor Mall. It is far from representing the majority of the MallBrats in that Mallplex, and numerous other holding companies have been known to form (and dissolve) as needed. But the Syndicate is one of the few long-running groups of MallBrats and has done rather well for itself thus far thanks to the cooperative attitudes of its members. Unfortunately, with success comes resentment from those on the outside. Some other MallBrats have come to see the Syndicate as rivals to be taken down.

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Danny Boy Dish

Pit Monsters

The Pit was once a low-rent building that was the headquarters for Slaughterhouse. After the quashing of the Cyberpunk movement all that was left in The Pit was the remaining wives and widows of the incarcerated or dead Slaughterhouse members and their spawn including the orphans the quashing also created. These kids run rampant in The Pit (it's like Lord of the Flies up in here!) while the remaining adults are limited to the top level of the building. The Pit Monsters are a fiercely territorial MegaViolent Yogang.
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Like most Networker groups, this yogang is low-key, under the radar, and generally invisible to most outsiders.

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Red Dragons

Possibly the biggest yogang in Night City is the GoGanger gang, the Red Dragons. The Red Dragons are everything one expects GoGangers to be: violent, disrespectful, and arrogant. They are the top dogs in a large area of the city, and they know it. The chief rivals of the Red Dragons are Mamma's Boys.

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Ash Blaze Duke Talon

The Royal Court

Though not a strictly defined yogang, the Royal Court has long been recognized by the juves of Lucas High as the name given to the clique of the most popular and powerful GoldenKids (and the rare, respectable GlitterKid or Looker) at the school.

Ranks/Titles: There are always a King and Queen. Their favorites (usually one or two each) are known as Princes and Princesses. The King and Queen will also sometimes appoint an Royal Executioner: essentially an official bully beat up the Court's enemy's. Similarly, they may pick a Court Jester, someone known for a scathing tongue whose purpose is to cut others down to size (often other Courtiers…though woe to the Jester that turns their jests toward the King or Queen).

Look/Style: The Royal Court must always wear the height of overpriced fashion. To be seen in public dressed in anything less would see a Courtier shunned from the Court.

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Dom Kessler Onyx Sabine DuBois Suki Asukaga Zephyr Malcolm

Squats of Night City

Squat packs are fairly impermanent. Even the family units that form can be broken apart when the going gets rough. Sometimes they reform, other times the same Squats will find themselves in another pack together. In any case, Squat yogangs are more fluid than most others.

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Ditty Oscar


This club of TinkerTots revels in pushing the boundaries of technology. They frequently do repair work and custom jobs for other yogangs, often in exchange for some hard-to-find machine part or computer component.

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Decker Krucek Naomi Sanjrani

Thousand Winds

Thousands Winds is a StreetFighter school based out of the Twin Dragon Dojo. They are a known presence in the neighborhood where Little China and Japantown meet, and help to keep the peace in the area. They can often be found as hired security for local businesses and clubs.

Ranks/Titles: Black Belt, Red Belt, Brown Belt, Blue Belt, Purple Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, White Belt.

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Ginja Kayo Kenjiro Chi-Feng


This Trog yogang claims a large swath of turf beneath the east side of the Corpzone, reach from McCartney Field Stadium to New Harbor Mall, stopping just short of Whindam Arcology. "Underzone" refers to both the area and the yogang itself. They are primarily headquartered in a long-abandoned NCART station under the stadium (a project left unfinished after route plans changed).

Ranks/Titles: Underzone is a democracy, with every Underzoner getting an equal vote. They elect a speaker to represent them as their voice when dealing with other yogangs. While this person may seem like the leader, they cannot actually make decisions for the yogang.

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Hunter Key Mouth


A group of Trogs that have grown up in the sewers underneath the old Combat Zone.

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Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack EcoRaider gang gets its name from its founder, an EcoRaider named "Lobo".

Ranks/Titles: The head of the gang is given the title "Akela".

Tags: affiliation:wolf-pack

Dallas Boone Lobo

Wonder Bread

A group of BeaverBrats that have been close since kindergarten. They work together so well often times just looks and subtle gestures are required to communicate with each other.

Tags: affiliation:wonder-bread

Forrest Arbuckle

Whindam Wanderers

This yogang of ArcoRunners just go by Wanderers, it is outsiders that attach the name of their turf to their name. Whindam Arcology was hastily built and built over the old movie studios that were in dire straits and sold for a steal. Because of the speed in which they were built, a lot of shortcuts and strange architectural choices were made. If you ask the Wanderers, there's no finer arcology for their way of life!

Tags: affiliation:whindam-wanderers

Gadget Lamarr


YoungBloods are what the older GoldenKids call their counterparts that haven't yet entered the high school scene. The YoungBloods are not as divided as the Royal Court and Chrome Club are. But as they near their freshman year, they become more and more aware that they're going to have to choose sides. Many friendships have ended bitterly over a division in clique choice.

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Cody Thurman Dana Thurman


The BoardPunk twin of the GoGanger Mamma Boys. This is mostly because the leader of the gang is also the son of Big Mamma. While the Mamma's Boys have the streets of the Upper Marina (where Big Mamma's Place is), the Upper Eastside and the East Marina, the Zigzags have everything above the streets in these areas.

Tags: affiliation:zigzags

Unaffiliated Juves

Not all juves are yogangers. Some go it alone, as dangerous as that is in the 2020s.

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