Wizards are the most adapted to the modern era with their ability to interface directly with the Net, Virtuality, and electronic devices. They can project themselves mentally into the Net, create their own “Familiars” (advanced programs under their control), and command computerized machinery.

Wizard Powers

Regeneration Power Regeneration Level 1 Cost 3
Nanotech-enhanced healing capabilities.
Make a natural healing roll once per day.
Recovery (+1): Halve recovery time for Fatigue.
Living Antenna Power Broadcast Level Cost 2
Hear/see radio, TV, and Virtuality signals.
Encrypted transmissions require Smarts -2.
Net Projection Power Clairvoyance Level 3 Cost 3
Project mental view or ICON through the Net.
See below.
Remote Viewing (+1): Observe through the Net.
Normal Sight Only (-1): Cannot perceive the imperceptible.
Counterparting Power Interface Level Cost 4
"Counterpart" with devices and programs.
+4 to use computers and other electronics.
Range (+1): Can affect any system within 12".
Code Breaker (+1): Bypass electronic locks, security systems, etc.
Familiar Attack Power Malfunction Level Cost 5
Familiars attacking enemy systems.
Spirit roll vs. device within 12".
Area Effect (+2): May affect every device in a Medium Burst Template.
Reflex Boost Power Super Agility Level 1 Cost 2 (2/Level)
Hardwired nervous system.
Agility +1 step.
Requires Activation (-1)
Overclocked Reflexes Power Uncanny Reflexes Level Cost 4
Hardwired nervous system.
Incoming attacks the wizard is aware of suffer -2.


Energy Requirements (-4): Wizards must eat a full meal every 12 hours or lose access to all their powers. Their powers can be regained with a full meal and about an hour of recovery time.


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