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Vidiots are the yogang equivalent of a pirate media, gathering information and disseminating it to the yogang culture. They are perhaps the most diverse of all yogangs, because it takes a team made of varying talents and styles to pry the truth from the closed minds of the Dead Boys (a term the Vidiots coined) and parlay that knowledge into a biting multimedia presentation. Vidiots are always alert, always scanning. There are a million stories in the big city, and Vidiots intend to hunt down every single one.

Each Vidiot gang has its own name and particular tag with which it identifies itself to other Vidiot gangs. Every gang their own jumpsuits and logos, and they delight and showing them off any chance they get. Furthermore, most Vidiot gangs have a specialty or bent: a certain category of story they preferentially cover.

Vidiots hunt knowledge for its own sake, and rarely interact with a story in the making. If they came across a gang of MegaViolents attacking someone, they wouldn’t intervene: they’d record the crime, broadcast it, and let the Guardians and StreetFighters hunt the Megas down. Other yogangers think this makes the Vidiots a bunch of sissies and sensationalists, but loudly voicing such attitudes often leads to interesting exposés on the offender.

A secret language of gestures has developed among Vidiots. This can be concealed in fancy handshakes or artistic gesticulations and is essential for communicating secretly in front of the Dead Boys, and in coordinating recording without interrupting the soundtrack. They can carry on two conversations at once: one a meaningless but colorful banal verbal dialog, the other with their hands.

Vidiots keep themselves in equipment through theft, scrounging, and sale of their information and talent. They often broadcast their stories as a public service, but some Vidiot gangs also compile stories on chips and sell them as catalogs of information. They also hire themselves out to do music videos and propaganda films for other yogangs, and anyone who needs background information on a particular corporation or person can often get what they need from a Vidiot's library (once the usage fee is paid).

What They Look Like

Vidiots prefer utilitarian clothing, like colorful jumpsuits with lots of pockets for pens, shotgun mikes, taps, probes, discs, chips, and microcams. Most also carry a utility belt or web harness to handle their bulkier tools and kits. Larger and better organized Vidiot yogangs carry cellphones or voice-activated radio mikes for quick intercommunication; those without must make do with runners or regular phone calls. Netrunning is another option for communications and pirating (although more dangerous), so 'trode-driven cyberdecks are not uncommon.

They consider themselves artists and display their creative bent by decking out their jumpsuits with flashy logos, patches, and stencils. They wear their hair wildstyle, the more bizarre the better. Pierced body parts and tattoos are also common. Because they often spend time crawling into maintenance panels or spying on adults, knee and elbow pads are not an uncommon affectation.

Allies & Enemies

The true nemesis of the Vidiots is the ISA, which is the target of their most devastating exposés. It's thanks to ISA corporate persecution that the gesture language was developed, and why Vidiot gangs are not more uniform in appearance. Regular police have no problem with the Vidiots; the average cop on the street loves nothing better than to see CorpSec hung out to dry every so often.

Vidiots often step on the toes of the Golden- and GlitterKids, smearing their pristine noses in the mud of their lifestyles. They also mess with the MegaViolents, displaying their violent tendencies for all to see and abhor. Though every yogang has found themselves on the receiving end of a Vidiot story more than once. Since everyone gets their turn in the hot seat, and since the most common target is the corporate government, other yogangers still treat the Vidiots with respect, if not friendship.


Vidiots don't have a strong convention when it comes to tags. Some create pseudonyms to attach to their reports, both as a means of protecting their identities and to create a memorable persona the way GlitterKids do.


Cut finished broadcast piece
Dap ritual handshake
Go to tape I got the story, let's leave
Jive the secret language of gestures
60 Minute as a noun, a field reporter; as a verb, to infiltrate
Rave to film, to edit, to produce
Wrap it's over, finished

Yogang Benefit

  • Newshound: Vidiots start with the Newshound Edge.
  • Vigilant: Vidiots start with Notice at d6.

Yogang Complication

  • Driven: Vidiots will drop everything when a story hits. They start with the Driven Minor Edge.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • 3-D Field Microvideo (with V-term Links)
  • 50 blank V-cards with V-programmer
  • DataTap
  • Snoopbox
  • Smart Goggles
  • Smart Decryptor
  • Tech Tool Kit
  • 50 Datachips


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