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With the advent of Virtuality, imagination can become reality in a way that previous generations could only dream of! V-Punks dove into programming whole-heartedly and picked up the new programming languages with an ease that all kids have. As a result, they have imaginary playmates which their friends can see and interact with. They create attractive personas to practice talking casually with the opposite sex (although it never really seems to help). When they do roleplaying games, they literally get into the action, with arrows flying and dragons breathing fire down their necks. They sleep one night in a sixteenth-century dungeon cell, and the next in Ten Forward — most haven't seen their bedroom walls for months.

While V-Punks work in private — programming for up to twenty hours at a stretch — when they play, they play with their goboys. V-Punk yogangs are generally formed at school, with buddies of like mind from programming classes or who ride the same robobus from home. They get together several times each weekend to show off their latest productions, get into some hard-core Virtuality gaming, and occasionally to pull wild Virtuality pranks on people who need it.

V-Punks live to improve their programming and better their equipment. To finance their hobby, they sometimes program Virtuality advertising; low-end V-Punks design posters and such for school functions, but the best V-Punks do the ads for the mallplex outlets or sometimes even national chains. The ideal, of course, would be to break into the rapidly-expanding field of Virtuality gaming.

The two requirements to become a V-Punk are the desire to learn programming and a vivid imagination, full of creative concepts and general weirdness. All that's left is to find a group of V-Punks who share your likes and dislikes. Getting inducted generally involves a duel of some sort: your V-monster against theirs, or you against their V-challenge while they battle your V-challenge simultaneously. These days the duels are mostly a formality but remain because they’re fun.

What They Look Like

In Virtuality, V-Punks look like whatever they want, although there is a code of conduct that while they may alter their virtual bodies and clothes, they do not significantly alter their facial features (beyond cosmetic tweaks to appear as an elf or Klingon). Those who do are suspected of having a reason to hide their identities, which goes against the intent of the first section of the Code. V-Punks should be proud of their work, and unafraid of taking credit for it.

In realspace, they look very different. They wear loose, relaxed clothes: stuff they can program in for hours without getting uncomfortable. They don't worry too much about how cool it looks, because they spend most of their time in Virtuality anyway, looking cooler than should be legal for a person to be.

The identifying features of a V-Punk are the portable V-term and ubiquitous smartbags. The V-term has an obvious use, and the self-contracting smartbags carry your V-cards. snacks, cheat sheets, and whatever else you happen to have forgotten about.

Allies & Enemies

As might be expected, V-Punks are close to the TinkerTots, who have a better understanding of the intricacies of programming than most other kids. The BeaverBrats also have an appreciation for V-Punks’ work. The V’s don't understand why, but Beavers often borrow or buy cards with a knowing smile. The Goths treat V-Punks with less respect, but they are steadier customers, regularly requesting new Transylvanian images for their parties. On the other hand, Trials, BeastieBoys, and EcoRaiders look on them with scorn for having lost contact with the Earth and embracing technology instead. Many other yogangs treat them with disrespect also — GoGangers, Moshers and the like — but they consider V-Punks too paltry to bother with.


V-Punks are frequently known by the name of their "main" — their favored and most often played character. Just as often, though, they will deliberately choose a handle to serve as their out-of-character identity to distinguish themselves from their characters to avoid confusion.


Bullhead target of a practical joke
Front cover-up, charade (like your "Clean Room" program)
Peese Virtuality program that falls short
Raucking playing full-blown Virtuality games
Screamin' cool, weird, general expletive
Track programming job
Tracker professional programmer

Yogang Benefit

  • Private Idaho: V-Punks start with the Private Idaho Edge.
  • Programmer: V-Punks start with Hacking at d6.

Yogang Complication

  • Virtual Gaming Addict: V-Punks start with the Habit (Virtual Gaming Simulation) Major Hindrance.


V-Punks start with Raven MicroCyb V-Glasses and a portable V-term (choose EBM Mainframe V-term or Apple Mac520 V-term). In addition, choose three things from the list below:

  • FullImpact virtual receiver/player system
  • FullImpact V-card Nanofactory
  • Silicon Graphics Iris Cyberdeck
  • Smartbag and a dozen smartcards with reference materials
  • 24 ready-programmed Virtuality Smartcards
  • DataTap
  • V-torch


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