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The corporations are the America of tomorrow, or at least that's what they tell us. Trogs believe they are the dawn of the bleakest days since the Collapse. They are the future, and Trogs want to have no part of it. In fact, they want no part of the present, either. So, they’ve abandoned the corporate-controlled streets and sought refuge underground, biding their time among the storm drains and sewer lines beneath the city streets. Sometimes they even launch raids above ground, just to keep the enemy on their toes. Darkness is their blanket and fear is their ally, because the Dead Guys and Zombie Girls don't like trying to chase them through their natural habitat. They have too many surprises waiting.

Trog subculture is geared expressly to survival outside of society, bleeding the surface world of the birthright their parents sold away. Living as they do among the leeches and mosquitoes, one might think they wouldn't be proud to be a parasite, but they recognize the nobility of sapping the strength of a corrupt system, getting their perks without selling themselves. They constantly train to survive in the worst of situations, because they know when everyone else has fallen before the corporate juggernaut, the Trogs will still be there, underground where adults fear to tread.

Some Trogs still maintain contact with the surface world. This keeps them informed and gives advance notice of potential threats or allies. There are other advantages to scamming the surface world, too. It's the only place to get a good education, it keeps them up-to-date on technology, and it makes it much easier to garner supplies for the rest of the Trogs.

Trog subculture is woven around the concepts of individuality and dedication. A Trog is expected to be able to go it alone, but at the same time expects to be able to rely unfailingly on other Trogs. There is no theft of any sort, not even borrowing without asking, within Trog subculture. Neither is there lying, evasion, or other unethical activity. The Trog Code is stricter than it is for any other yogang. and any Trog who breaks it will find himself at the business end of a boot with his face underwater. Trogs are survivors, and there is no place for envy, jealousy, or infighting in their world. The flip side of this is that Trogs are colder than most other yogang subcultures. This is a necessary byproduct of being survivors, because emotional attachments are a weakness that can be exploited by those who crawl on the surface world depending on the sun to give them the energy they cannot find within themselves.

What They Look Like

Trogs believe functionality is more important than appearance. Jungle boots and tabi boots are common, although some older Trogs go in bare feet. Sneakers and boots without adequate drainage are never seen. Clothes tend towards nylon and polyester, because those hold less water than cotton. Other Trogs wear plastic or wool, but most agree that plastic is too hot and wool too heavy when it gets soaked.

Most Trogs wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Some wear shorts or tank tops, but they're usually the older ones that have become acclimated to the colder temperature below ground and whose skin is covered by a uniform layer of subcutaneous fat. Whatever they wear, it's sure to be loose-fitting, both to allow freedom of movement should they get hung up on a protruding spike and to give a more nebulous appearance. And, of course, there’s a duster, pea coat, or rain jacket to top it all off. The best coats are the over-sized ones that reach almost to the ground.

All clothes are in darker colors: blood red, black, brown, or deep blue. The colors blend in well with the lines and stand out in stark contrast to pale Trog skin. And hair? Who needs hair? It gets in the eyes and itches when it gets too dirty, so they just shave it all off. All the better that it helps the subterranean monster image.

Allies & Enemies

Trogs have contacts with the ArcoRunners, who are at least of similar mind. They keep in touch with the Vidiots, because some interesting things find their way into the sewers, and also with the BoardPunks, who sometimes have need of them to help transport goods. On the other hand, there are a lot of yogangs on the Trogs’ black list. Goldenkids, Glitterkids, BeaverBrats, Rads, and anyone else who has sold out is absolutely not trusted, and the most visible members of these gangs are the targets of their above ground attacks. Of course, Trogs’ most hated enemies are the corporations and politicians. The feeling is mutual, since the powers that be don't like the creepy feeling they get knowing that borderline psychotic kids are crawling through the sewers and subbasements of the city. The only yogang Trogs have good relations with are the Goths, but since they’re both pale, coldhearted monster-types, their relationship could hardly be called friendly. It's just not strained.


Trogs prefer simple lives and their tags reflect this. They choose tags that symbolize their role within their yogangs. One who speaks for the gang might be called Mouth, while a Trog entrusted with guiding people to secret locations or stashes might be called Map or Key. This can lead to some repetition of tags between Trog gangs, in which case they simply identify themselves by both tag and gang (e.g. Mouth of Underzone).


Burk as a noun, Trog who breaks the rules; as a verb, to doublecross or do severe damage
Creeze general purpose expletive
Flyrunning going up into the streets on a raid or recon
Line any tunnel
Muffin surface-dweller, named for their tan and their squishy weakness
Scumming living in the surface world as one of the muffins
Troghole manhole
Whindam corpse found in the lines; corporate security or police

Yogang Benefit

  • Danger Sense: Trogs start with the Danger Sense Edge.
  • Friend to Darkness: Trogs start with Stealth at d6.

Yogang Complication

  • Outsider: Trogs start with the Outsider Minor Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • High-power slingshot with 50 lead slugs (5/10/20)
  • Barbed forked spear
  • Light leather armored clothing
  • Acetylene lamp with 8 hours of fuel
  • Pack of 10 microflashes (toothpick-sized flashlights)
  • Combat harness with miscellaneous survival gear (hammock, pocket knife, etc.)
  • Breather mask with ten minutes of air
  • Snorkel and goggles


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Hunter Key Mouth
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