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Tribals believe that technological Man has lost touch with what really counts: the rhythms of Nature, the community of the Tribe, and the inner mysteries of Native American shamanism. Yet they also realize that technology has given Mankind the cure for smallpox, computerized teaching systems, and toxic soil scrubbers. So, they have tried to bring both sides of this heritage together in one place: the extended family they call the Tribe.

Some Tribals are actual Native Americans still holding onto and adapting their culture to the Street; others are beaverville escapees who are fascinated with tribal ways and folklore. All of them share a respect for the nomadic tradition, and a belief that when technological Man destroys himself, they’re going to be the only people left.

Tribal social life centers around recreations of the smokehouse, the hunting lodge, and the Dancer's Circle and on hunting and raiding parties against other yogangs to secure territory or retaliate for their attacks. Tribals live in tipis, ride cyberbikes instead of horses, and combine psychedelic bodypainting and warpaint as decoration. The oldest members of the Tribe become chieftains, and the wisest become shaman. A smattering of technology supports Tribal culture; computers are used to calculate both crop cycles and the times of ritual. They use sophisticated toxin scrubbers and hydroponic systems to establish rooftop gardens. Tribal longbows are computer designed but based on traditional Amerind materials. Huge, booming medicine drums are used side by side with modern synthesizers and electronic guitars.

The Tribals’ most important ritual is the Dancer’s Circle — a combination of rock concert and wardance used to get the Tribe “up” for important decisions, wars with other yogangs, and as a form of mutual sharing. It lasts for hours, a primal sort of bonding engendered by close, sweaty, and often painful slamdance-like contact as each Tribal undergoes a personal vision of the Dance. Ritual drugs like peyote and mescaline are also sometimes part of the Dance, although this is rare and usually restricted to the shaman of the Tribe.

Another important ritual is counting coup — raiding another yogang or Tribe’s territory and thwacking their warriors over the head with elaborately decorated sticks. Tribal coup sticks combine technology with tradition; they are powerful tasers that render the victim paralyzed. Tribals gain status by stunning their enemies into submission, not killing them. Occasionally they’ll raid the Corpzone, just to put a few CorpSec "scalps" on their belts; it proves how much better they are than the soulless automatons of the Corporate overlords.

What They Look Like

Tribals wear only simple, organic clothing: mostly leathers, coarse woven shirts, heavy denim jeans or buckskin pants, and a fringed, decorated medicine bag to hold their important totems and shamanistic tools. Moccasins are their chosen footgear (if they wear any at all), and making their own pair is one of the rituals required to join a Tribe. The outfit is unisex, but girls have been known to wear short, fringed, leather skirts instead of pants. Feathers, beads, weavings, and carved wooden tokens are optional, and they're never far from their medicine drums and long pipes. Tribals rarely wear body armor, because they don't often fight at close range, preferring long rifles and bows.

Allies & Enemies

Tribals have no taste for GlitterKids, GoldenKids, or MallBrats, all of whom they consider to be shallow and greedy. They absolutely hate Goths, whom they view as undead and unclean spirits. Oddly enough, Tribals respect the MegaViolents, Guardians and StreetFighters equally, considering them all to be following a warrior ethic not all that unlike their own. The Guardians and the StreetFighters are only annoyed by the practice of counting coup, but the Megas are positively enraged, because it deprives them of the battle and blood they crave.

Tribals’ belief in restoring Nature gives them a lot in common with the EcoRaiders, but they don't mix often, since the Raiders consider Tribals’ sacred customs to be a lot of superstitious primitivism.


Among the Tribals, it is the shamans that grant a tribe name to a new member. During an initiation ceremony, the shaman and the new Tribal will meditate to experience a vision quest together (typically aided by peyote or mescaline). Based on what they see in the vision, the shaman will give the Tribal a name, fashioned in the Native American style. It is perfectly acceptable for a Tribal to append this new name to their given name, like a new surname (e.g. Cody Redfox).


Appaloosa your personal cyberbike; your "horse"
Coyote a clever and devious foe
Evil Spirits Goths; sometimes really bad Corporates
Long Dance not getting to the point; obscuring the subject
Medicine karma, fate, magic
Warrior any fighter you respect
Wilderness the inner city; a place where technological man lives

Yogang Benefit

  • Elan: Tribals start with the Elan Edge.
  • Warrior: Tribals start with Shooting at d4.

Yogang Complication

  • Loyal: Tribals start with the Loyal Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • Cougar Longbow
  • 50m Superstring climbing rope
  • Coup Stick (stun)
  • Medicine Drum
  • Medicine Pipe
  • Norwolf Rifle
  • Tracker & Tracer pins
  • Apache Cyberbike


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