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TinkerTots are the budding young engineers and technicians of 2027 yogang culture. In a world where most other juves are trying to come to grips with how society works, TinkerTots seek an understand of purely inanimate objects.

As a result of their mechanically-oriented thought patterns, TinkerTots are the closest thing to loners in yogang culture. Instead, they have an extensive grapevine through which they can find others with needed specializations, tools, or expertise, which TinkerTots loan each other freely.

Working on strange devices or solving unusual problems is the major way to gain respect among this yogang, so a display of these devices or solutions is a common social event among the TinkerTots. Aside from serving to give the host more prestige, these events bring them together as a close-knit, interconnected group, as TinkerTots with the same interests get together from around the city to see what new and exciting stuff they can learn about. These impromptu "seminars" allow for the free and rapid dissemination of ideas, solutions, or data on new technology, and, although not planned that way, are the major means of sharing information among the TinkerTots. Everyone who attends comes away with a better education.

What They Look Like

TinkerTots dress like a mechanic — overalls, flight suits, and coveralls are the bottom line. Always ready to work, TinkerTots typically have some sort of strange headgear on, the most visible mark of their chosen avocation. Head lamps, high-power magnifying goggles, infrared specs, and other such paraphernalia adorn the skulls of TinkerTots. They carry bandoliers of tools, wrenches and hammers and picks (the larger ones occasionally sporting dark stains or bits of gristle and hair attesting to their twin usage). Smaller tools are stuffed in pockets, in pouches dangling from belts, or are secured by straps to the TinkerTot's arms and legs. Maybe other yogangers don't think wearing tool kits is cool, but Tinkers have managed to pull it off. TinkerTots sometimes carry around backpacks with their larger or more delicate tools and analytical devices: electrical probes, precision calipers, boxes of extra screws and bolts and wires.

Beneath all the tools and affectations, Tinkers dress conservatively. Typical clothes are blue jeans and sweatshirts with the logos of tech schools; TinkerTots don't spend their money on fashion. Having bland clothing also means they don't think twice about crawling under a greasy car to defuse a bomb or something. But while their clothes may be in need of an industrial-strength degreaser, their tools are always spotless.

Allies & Enemies

As a rule, among yogangs, TinkerTots are treated with the same sort of neutral respect accorded to the Swiss. Everyone needs them at some point. It's too easy to find a lone Tinker and beat the crap out of him, so fighting is no challenge; in fact, beating up on a TinkerTot is a sure way to prove to other yogangers that you're a real loser. Tots try to promote this image, because it means getting beat up less often.

The only yogangers who regularly ignore this taboo are the MegaViolents. When beset by these sociopaths, TinkerTots do fight back, although they almost invariably lose. TinkerTots themselves prefer to fight with their chosen weapons of technology. Should anyone become too much of a threat, they arrange for an "accident" to nail the perpetrator. They do this as quietly as possible, because were word to get out, it would tarnish their TinkerTot-as-wimp image.

The strongest allies of the TinkerTots are the ArcoRunners, who are always game to test out new inventions…sometimes with catastrophic results. But the risk is a part of the fun, so they don't mind. The Vidiots need TinkerTots to keep their equipment up and running, so these two gangs also have good relations.


TinkerTots don't commonly use tags, preferring to let their work speak for them, rather than a made-up moniker. For a Tot, the real badge of honor is being known as "the juve that kitbashed the catapult that launched a CorpSec van three blocks".


Babe secret or private project
Kludge the ultimate TinkerTot insult
Owez'n TinkerTot who doesn't contribute enough
Sem seminar; meeting where Tinkers gather to exchange information
Spares something that isn't useful by itself, but could be adapted; also a boring person
Tex cool, great, tough (from techs, not Texas)
Wha's rattlin'? What's up? What's the problem? How are things?

Yogang Benefit

  • McGyver: TinkerTots start with the McGyver Edge.
  • Kitbash: TinkerTots start with Repair d4.

Yogang Complication

  • Hesitant: TinkerTots start with the Hesitant Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • Techscanner (small analyzer)
  • Tech Tool Kit (mixed tools and torch)
  • DataTap (link to datalines)
  • Snoopbox (privacy scanner)
  • SmartGoggles (vision aids)
  • Really big spanner (Str+d6 damage)


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