• Arasaka's New Boss: Saburo Arasaka assumes control of the Arasaka Corporation and immediately creates its security division to undertake black operations.


  • The Gang of four: A group made up of the CIA, NSC, FBI, and DEA - forms to secretly run the United States of America behind the presidents back.
  • Warming Up: The Cold War ends.
  • Tear it Down: The Berlin Wall falls.


  • War, What is it good for?: The First Central American Conflict begins.
  • The Fall of South Africa: Very little information comes out of the country other than rumors of genocide.
  • London Riots Violence and criminal activity occur between labor and racial extremists.
  • East meets West: West and East Germany are reunified.
  • Warsaw Pact: The Warsaw Pact, formally known as the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance, was a collective defense treaty signed in Warsaw, Poland between the Soviet Union and seven Eastern Bloc satellite states of Central and Eastern Europe in May 1955, during the Cold War. Because of all of the changes with East and West Germany, the Pact comes to an end and breaks up.
  • Passing of the Sickle: Soviet Union president Gorbachev appoints successor, Andrei Gorborev. The USSR enters into a period of reform.


  • Eurospace Agency: launches the Hermes Spaceplane.
  • Fuel for the Future: Biotechnica Develops CHOOH2.
  • Not the Shore: The New Jersey Arcology is built.
  • Got the Muscle?: Stanford Research Center develops artificial muscles.
  • The Beginning of Night: Plans for Coronado City are formed.


  • Chaching: The Euromarket and Eurodollar are established.
  • A Plague on Your House… er, Cartel: The DEA develops artificial plagues to curb the production of drugs in South America, as a result, multiple drug wars break out.
  • Adios: The Governments of Chile and Ecuador collapse.
  • Night City Funded: Arasaka, EBM and Petrochem fund the creation of Coronado City, which in time becomes known as Night City.


  • TRC Biologic Interface chips are developed in Munich, West Germany.
  • Flying Cars: The AV-4 Enters production.
  • New York Nuked: A small yield nuclear device is detonated in New York City. 15,000 are killed. Colombian Drug-lords are to blame.
  • Night City Builds: Construction on Coronado City starts.
  • Wandering the West: The First Nomad families appear on the west coast.
  • Reparations in Oz: The Australian Government announces plans to recognize aboriginal land.
  • The EC Ministry for Economics is formed


  • May: Coronado (Night) City is completed.
  • World Stock Market Collapse occurs.
  • The First Central American Conflict ends.
  • The Pitts: Nuclear meltdown occurs in Pittsburgh, PA. 257 are killed and cancer rates skyrocket. The area is known as The Pitt from then on.
  • USSR: The Soviet Union ends and the Union of Sovereign Soviet Republics is formed.
  • What Reparations?: Pressure from the Corporations leads the Australian government to recognize corporations over the aboriginals.
  • Martial Law: Because of the stock market collapse and just the world generally going to help Martial Law is declared in Poland.


  • September 20th: Richard Night, founder and creator of Coronado City, is murdered in his Parkview Tower penthouse — shot and killed. The killer was never apprehended. In his memory, Coronado City is renamed Night City.


  • Wasting Away: The Wasting Plague hits the US and Europe. Laws are passed resulting in a severe restriction on the rights of citizens with infectious diseases.

2005 - 2009

  • Mob Rule: After Night's death, the Mob took over the city and in its four-year reign it plunged Night City into hell on Earth. Unsolved deaths were in the thousands. Gangs ran rampant. It was bad for everyone but the mob.

2009 - 2011

  • The Mob War: After four years of street warfare, the corporations finally had enough. It wasn't for the people or anything, it was only good business that motivated them to get the Mob underfoot. After the mob was nearly annihilated by Arasaka-trained paramilitary troops, tanks, and AV combat aerodynes it surrendered and has since changed course to follow the rules of Big Business.
  • Aftermath: At the end of the war, the homeless population soared as the corporations updated the wrecked buildings of the war, but at the cost of the residents. If they could not afford the new higher prices, they were forcibly removed from their homes.


  • Riot!: Johnny Silverhand leads a mob in a riot against the Arasaka Complex.


  • December:
    • FoxRun Incident: On the 19th of December an aerodyne, FoxRun 3-13, carrying a corporate intrusion team crashes in the southern area of Central Night City. It is now believed by many that this accident is the source of the nanotech virus known as the Carbon Plague. Of the crew of five, only one, Renee Suzzalo, survives. The flight is suspected of being a 'blind security test', which is a euphemism for corporate espionage.
    • FoxRun Federally Investigated: December 20th, Federal agents visit FoxRun's Sacramento headquarters. It is unknown exactly what happened.
    • Renee Suzzalo: December 23rd Renee's status is downgraded to serious and she is transferred to Night City Medical Center for continued care.
    • V-Trodes Hit the Market: Just in time for Christmas, Langley Microsystems develops the static grid and the devices that allow people to interact with the Virtuality grid are first marketed.


  • January:
    • Renee Suzzalo: January 2nd, Renee Suzzalo dies of a mysterious malady despite the best efforts of Night City Medical personnel. As she was seriously injured, medical personnel were unable to get much subjective information from her — what she felt, etc. — and what they did get is colored heavily with the other injuries she sustained. In retrospect, the observations recorded by the staff indicate that she suffered from a nanoid infection. Unfortunately, there is no proof, as the staff did not do a nanotech scan on her at the time.
    • FoxRun Flu: January 3rd, The story of the death of Rene Suzzalo is published on Night City Today, and remains frontpage on the screamsheets. That is until high-ranking agents of the ISA visit Night City Today and the stories stop immediately. The editor-in-chief is also killed in a car accident while heading home.
    • FoxRun Flu Upgrades: January 7th is the second fatality of the FoxRun Flu, for two weeks twenty-one people have contracted the FoxRun Flu. By the end of the month, all twenty-one people have died, autopsies are inconclusive.
    • The Carbon Plague Appears: A pathological disease at first called "Genetic Metabolic Disruption Syndrome" (GMDS), now known as the Carbon Plague, starts spreading.
  • February:
    • The Carbon Plague Spreads: Through February, Sixty-three more people have die of the Carbon Plague. The Carbon Plague shows up in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, El Paso, Richmond, and New York City.
    • State of Emergency: It is declared a threat to national security and the CDC is brought in. The National Guard is mobilized.
    • Can't Be Contained!: By the end of the month, there are cases in Canada and Mexico. Fatalities are in the thousands.
  • April:
    • Tens of Thousands: Ten-Thousandth case of the Carbon Plague appears during April. Thirteen children survive and are discharged after several tests. Two of these children now thought to be Tinmen Cybergenus disappear under mysterious circumstances.
    • Quarantine: April 1st is no joke when the ISA is quarantined by the world abruptly, no trade, no travel in or out. The world economies falter as a result of this move, and industries rapidly move to make up for shortages.
    • Autopsy Ut-Oh: On April 4th, the Medical Examiner that performed the autopsy on the FoxRun Survivor, Renee Suzzalo, dies of the Carbon Plague.
  • May:
    • Ground Control to Major Tom: On the 3rd, The Orbitals cut off traffic to and from Earth.
    • Abduction: On May 10th a 'silvery RealSkinn sleeves' (Tinman) child is abducted off the street by an unmarked vehicle in Helena, Montana.
    • I'm Alive!: May 17th, a story original thought a hoax gains traction as an adult claiming to have survived the Carbon Plague unaffected is joined by more cases that begin to appear over the next few months.
    • You're a Wizard!: Alt Cunningham meets her first Wizard on May 21st.
    • Fugitive: A Tinman and several prisoners attempt to break out of prison in Dothan, Alabama. Fourteen prisoners are killed; the Tinman escapes. Twelve guards also die in the attempt, most at the hands of the Tinman. The Alabama National Guard begins openly hunting Tinmen.
  • June:
    • One million!: The millionth case of Carbon Plague appears sometime in June.
    • Survivors of the Carbon Plague: By June, many children have seemingly survived the Carbon Plague and come out the other end with special abilities. ISA authorities start having these children "detained for medical observation". Many appear to die while under the ISA's care.
    • Martial Law: Is declared on June 5th by the ISA. Whindam assures that freedoms will be restored as soon as the infection is under control.
    • Electric Attack: First report of presumed Bolter activity. At an intersection in D.C. seven congressmen went down "twitching like a maniac's marionette" over the course of five minutes.
  • August:
    • Exiled at the Palace: August 1st even Space is not safe from the Carbon Plague. The Crystal Palace has its first confirmed case and the victim is immediately thrown out an airlock. This heinous action is repeated three times over the next two weeks, and unrest grows.
    • Understanding the Plague: August 3rd The Carbon Plague is discovered to be nanotech-based. The CDC determines that the contagion rate is almost certain, but that the gestation period is indeterminate. Computer models project that the nanites might be found in some quantity everywhere on Earth. The orbital colonies are soon reporting plague cases but maintain their quarantine.
    • Pew Pew: 16th of August, Tycho Base has its first case of the Carbon Plague. The victim is heavily irradiated and fired in the mass driver at Earth. Tycho and Copernicus announce they will fire on all approaching traffic.
    • Birth of the Eden Cabal: Alt Cunningham learns about the Changed and the ISA hunting them. She enlists Rache Bartmoss, Morgan Blackhand, and Johnny Silverhand to form the Eden Cabal.
  • September:
    • Cyber Crime of a Different Kind: September 8th The first confirmed sighting of a renegade cyberevolved gang takes place in Detroit, when four Bolter, three Tinmen and two Scanners rob a posh restaurant. The kids apparently came from a variety of backgrounds; it is unknown how the got together. Some believe that the Scanners organize the group.
    • The Emergency Powers Act: September 10th, In response to the Carbon Plague this act allows the president to send in the military wherever deemed necessary, without any Congressional approval. The ISA immediately begins active persecution.
    • One of Us!: NorCal, including Night City, is once again put under ISA rule and is no longer a Free State.
  • October:
    • Widow, Arachne, Boomer, Lacy Thurman, and Kenjiro Li-Wong are caught up in an ISA raid, but rescued by Morgan Blackhand and taken to an Eden Cabal safehouse. There, they undergo the Change under the watchful eye of Suds Joliet. After over a month of training and attempted recruitment, they go their separate ways, only Kenjiro taking up the offer to join the CyberRevolution.
  • Legends Never Die: Johnny Silverhand is killed by an ISA hit team while preparing his next album called Tomorrow's Children.


  • January:
    • Census: At the start of the year, it is estimated at this point that between 5% and 20% of the juvenile population of the ISA has been Evolved. Approximately 1% of the juvenile population across the country belongs to the Eden Cabal. About 5% of the global adult population has been killed by the Carbon Plague.
  • February:
    • DSA discovers Eden Cabal: A group of old edgerunners who are sheltering CyberEvolved children and training them in anti-ISA tactics. Active elimination of this organization is begun.
  • March:
    • Death Toll: While adult fatalities are still on the rise, the increase is approaching arithmatic instead of geometric. The number of children infected by the plague continues to rise.
  • April:
    • Viva la Revolution!: Starting April 1st coordinated CyberRevolutionary harassing attacks embarrass the ISA. Naturally the media spins the stories to make the ISA look good against the savage terrorists.
  • May:
    • Dr. Chaing: May 9th - 12th Dr. David Chaing of the Center for Disease Control makes his initial report on the Evolved. On the 16th the doctor disappears under mysterious circumstances. Rache Bartmoss steals Dr. Chiang's files on the 27th.
  • Attack on CorpSec: Morgan Blackhand kills CorpSec Director and assorted staff in Washington D.C. Fugitive and is still at large.
  • New America Project: Night City today is a city in transition. With the coming of the ISA, the city has become the model for the reshaping of the state, and new construction and urban renewal projects have sprung up like weeds, often displacing the current residents. Which means that BuReloc and CorpSec are both making their presence felt throughout the area as well. Mallplexes are spreading over the old "Combat Zones" of the city, and the old street culture is being crushed under the bulldozers of progress. As the supposed origin point of the Carbon Plague, it has also drawn the attention of the Center for Disease Control and the Domestic Security Agency, who hunt the CyberEvolved here with vigor.

June 2027 - Present Day

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