The Code

One thing works in the favor of the downtrodden kids of the future, and they built it themselves: The Code. Born in response to all the selling out and scrambling for survival that's marked the third decade of the 21st century, the Code is a set of ethical guidelines which the yogangs have informally drawn up for dealing with each other and the rest of humanity. These guidelines reflect a state of feeling among a good portion of the juves of 2027: Honor must be reborn.

Tired of watching the rest of the world lie, cheat, steal, and bribe its way down the long slide to Hell, juves have discovered that honor is needed for a cohesive society, and that if the Machine won't supply it, then they will have to do so themselves. Drawing from a variety of sources, including the code of bushido, a lot of old John Wayne movies, and superhero comic literature, the Code establishes certain basic rules of conduct between the 'gangers themselves and even with the outside world, since honor cannot have two standards.

These rules have often allied the Evolved with yogangers in their struggle to fight the Machine and have become one foundation for the CyberRevolution. Various gangs have their own interpretations of these codes, and there isn't any central body which can enforce them. Nonetheless, if a yogang seriously or repeatedly violates one of these principles, their relations with other groups will deteriorate rapidly, and if they continue, they may find themselves hunted by a coalition of gangs determined to clean their own house.

The Code has the following basic principles:

  1. Your word is your bond, in whatever form it is given. If you make a promise or swear a truth, you have to back it up. In a hostile world, most of the time the yogangs can count only on each other to get things done. And if you can't trust the word of a fellow 'ganger, then he isn't worth drek, period. Even outside the yogang, this rule applies, since once you start making promises that you won't keep, it lessens you no matter who you do it to.
  2. Never betray a fellow 'ganger to the Machine. This could be CorpSec. or the police, or just your nanny. Parents usually fall into this category as well. If another 'ganger has jacked you around, you go to your leader and your yogang deals with it. Yogangs take care of their own. If you turn over for them, the Machine will betray you next. This clause has saved many Changed who are also yogangers from being traded for bounties.
  3. Money isn't worth blood. Money is the tool of the Machine, and if you buy into it, the Machine has its hooks in you. There are more important things than money, and human life is one of them. Your word is another, the Earth itself may be one, too…(to some juves, fun is worth blood, especially other people's, the GoGangers and Megaviolents being notorious examples of this). The few Yogangs that have sold themselves to the corps have automatically voided this ethic and are shunned by others because of it. Not that they care.
  4. You never take from another 'ganger without giving something back. Reciprocity is a necessary part of honor. Now, this doesn't mean that you have to give back something of equal value (that would be materialistic, right?), but you do have to acknowledge the transaction. As you might expect, not all groups adhere religiously to this particular guideline, but minor infractions are usually forgiven. Some juves also interpret this for negative values as well, meaning that if you are injured by another, you must pay it back. This eye-for-an-eye ethos has led to as many problems as it may have solved.
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