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Homeless and proud of it. Whether lurking in the shadows of the alleys and dumpsters, high on the rooftops, or stalking through the sewers, a Squat’s home is the entire Street.

Squats are not so much a tightly knit yogang as a fraternity of jackals. They’re survivors and everything else is an enemy. Even other Squats will occasionally jump a claim or steal something from one another, so everyone's careful not to be too trusting. They travel in packs, and back each other up in case of trouble. Often their numbers and appearance alone are enough to dissuade any troublemakers from pushing their luck, but usually if fists start flying, Squats can still hightail it to cover, vanishing in the urban wilderness.

Squats also operate individually, each scrounging in a different section of an alley, leaving the others to their own private finds. When they get the opportunity to build trust and camaraderie, a group of Squats will form a sort of family, and delegate work towards the greater good. Generally, these families last until times get hard or a couple of MegaViolent gangs sweep the area putting the pressure on. When this happens, each Squat's natural survival reflexes take over, shattering the carefully built family ties.

Braver Squats will resort to crime: purse snatching, pocket picking, burglary and such. These Squats are daring and generally have the force of will to form a more cohesive group than the typical Squat family. These crime gangs last as long as the leader does, which on occasion may be several years, before they get busted by the authorities, killed by a victim, or thrown down by disaffected followers.

What They Look Like

Dirt is good. Its many layers keep you warm and hide you from others. Personal hygiene, showers, sinks…those are for people who are trapped indoors, chained to a conapt. Sure, puddles, ponds and lakes smell bad and have an oily sheen, but Squats don't need to wash much. They avoid rain, because it stings the eyes and, on a bad day, blisters the skin. Sometimes a Squat yogang will crack open a fire hydrant or open a fire hose at a school or public building and hose each other off for a few minutes before the fire trucks arrive.

Squats don't change clothes much, since they don't have any money and they don't shoplift. So, they wear whatever castoff clothing they find in the trash. It might be filthy, ill-fitting, and threadbare, but it's also functional, and there's a style of sorts in the way they layer it on. Their finest stuff they’ve taken off the bodies of people killed or injured in street fights — if they can get there before the Trauma Team does. They've got bullet holes and blood stains on them, but Squats don't mind. In fact, a really nasty piece of clothing is a status symbol among the Squats, and it also makes them look tougher (which is an added bonus on the Street).

Most of the time, though, Squats look and smell filthy. They wear their hair long, although some Squats cut their mops inexpertly with fighting knives. A Squat's hair is always stringy and greasy, 'cause they can never can get hold of a decent shampoo when getting hosed off.

Allies & Enemies

Squats have no friends, beyond each other. No other yogang associates with them. No one likes them. No one can cope with the funk of four summer weeks without a bath or change of clothes. The closest thing the Squats get to having allies are the Vidiots, who almost never do a bad story on the Squats. Second, Squats often find interesting tidbits while mucking through the garbage, and they can sell these to the Vidiots.

There are those who hate the Squats. MegaViolents and Goths often sweep the alleys to find Squats to abuse. Even jaded GoldenKids will come downtown to pick on those most unlike themselves.


Just about anybody can fall through the cracks and land in the life of a Squat, so it is no surprise that Squat tags are possibly the most varied out of all yogangs. Some have no tag, some refuse to go by anything but a tag as a means of protecting themselves.


Bag blood-stained clothes stolen from a corpse
Diggin's dumpster, place to sleep
Dross good merchandise, or food of any quality
Fresh nasty, gross
Kriss bath, shower
Skag as a verb, to steal; as a noun, a good place to scrounge

Yogang Benefit

  • Scavenger: Squats start with the Scavenger Edge.
  • Survivor: Squats start with Survival d4.

Yogang Complication

  • Poverty: Squats start with the Poverty Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • 20 mashed up trashbags (for carrying good stuff)
  • 2 cans of Flashpaint (light-emitting)
  • Sleep Pad (mattress)
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Knife
  • Taser pistol
  • Crowbar (good for opening locked dumpsters and abandoned buildings)


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