Cybergeneration: Setting


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Player Characters

Character Page Tags

Cybergeneration characters should be tagged according to the guidelines below. Several are added to a page automatically when created with the module above. Modify and remove them as appropriate to the character.

Tag Use for: Examples
character All characters.
character-name All characters. As it appears in page name. red-sasha, widow, sabine-duvois
juve Juve characters (age 18 or younger).
yogang:yogangtype Juve characters. yogang:boardpunk, yogang:goth, yogang:vidiot
affiliation:group Membership, including specific yogangs. affiliation:mamma's-boys, affiliation:arasaka,
affiliation:eden-cabal, affiliation:corpsec
affiliation:none Unaffiliated with any major group.
changed Changed/CyberEvolved characters.
cybergenus:type Changed/CyberEvolved characters. cybergenus:tinman, cybergenus:scout, cybergenus:alchemist
edgerunner Adult cyberpunks, dead guys, etc.
role:rolename Edgerunner role role:cop, role:corp, role:fixer, role:media, role:medtechie,
role:netrunner, role:nomad, role:rocker, role:solo, role:techie
role:civilian A normal civilian (not an edgerunner)
npc Any non-player character.
wip Work in progress (unfinished page).
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