The most common CyberGenus, Scanners develop special receptors that allow them to perceive and interpret brainwaves, effectively reading thoughts and emotions. Their nervous systems are also hardwired, granting them the ability to boost their reflexes, and even to release an electrical “static wave attack” through their hands.

Scanner Powers

Regeneration Power Regeneration Level 1 Cost 3
Nanotech-enhanced healing capabilities.
Make a natural healing roll once per day.
Recovery (+1): Halve recovery time for Fatigue.
Interpret Emotions Power Clairvoyance Level Cost 3
Interpretation of brainwave patterns (raw emotion only).
See below.
Aura Sight (+1): Read emotions (does not read nature in this setting).
Normal Sight Only (-1): Cannot perceive the imperceptible.
Interpret Thoughts Power Mind Reading Level Cost 2
Interpretation of brainwave patterns.
Opposed Smarts roll; Range 12"
No Fatigue (+1): Failure does not result in Fatigue.
Limitation (-1): -2 in high EM interference, -4 in very high EM interference.
Slow to Activate (-1): Full action, may only take free actions.
Static Field Power Resistance Level Cost 1
Generate a personal static field to interfere with other Scanners.
+4 to Smarts rolls to resist Mind Reading.
Bonus Effect (+1): Interferes with wireless signals within 6".
Requires Activation (-1)

Switchable Power Set: Static Wave Attack

Cost: 5

Static Wave Attack Power Melee Attack Level 3 Cost 5 (2/Level)
Static wave electrical attack.
Up to 3d6 damage.
Limitation (-2): If Trait die comes up a 1, half damage inflicted to self..
Limitation (-1): Cannot add Strength to damage.
Switchable (+2): Can switch with Stun.
Static Wave Stun Power Stun Level Cost 3
Mildest form of static wave attack.
Touch Attack. Victim rolls Vigor -2 or is Shaken.
Strong (+1)
Switchable (+0): Can switch with Melee Attack.
Reflex Boost Power Super Agility Level 1 Cost 2 (2/Level)
Hardwired nervous system.
Agility +1 step.
Requires Activation (-1)
Quickness Boost Power Super Edge Level 1 Cost 2 (2/Level)
Hardwired nervous system.


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