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Perhaps the most intelligent of the yogangs, Radicals (or Rads) play the most dangerous game of all: fighting the corporate-government apparatus on its own terms. They’re the top students in their classes — whiz-kids who do much more than regurgitate corp-approved facts and opinions; they understand the material and dissect it for fun. Moreover, they believe they can use the Beast’s strength against it.

Rads believe that knowledge is understanding, not memorization. To that end they read voraciously, hold impromptu debates to shake out flaws in the media-sponsored agenda, and scrounge up banned books. In school, they give hard-core, well plotted answers to patsy questions, answers that the instructors don't approve of, but that they can't deny.

Political pundits laughed when the first Radical PoliClubs were formed; they couldn't see mere juves making any headway against the ISA by passing around petitions and organizing rallies. However, the Rads were more observant than they gave them credit for. These yogangers have recognized that terrorism and blackmail are a part of the system now, and they won't hesitate to use these methods as well.

Radical PoliClubs come in various sizes, from small teams of three to four working for some lunatic fringe to larger groups up to 300 strong, working statewide for a common goal.

Psychwar techniques are Rads’ primary tools when rallies, leaflets, and petitions fail. Fake car bombs that release soap suds. M-80's in desk drawers. Paintballs shot at people or their cars. All these methods are designed to let the victim know that he could be dead or maimed but isn't…yet. After a long bombardment of these tactics (or worse, intermittent attacks with gaps for the victim to think he's finally safe), they move in with their demands, promising peace if the target relents, or crippling injury if he holds out. Not fun people to cross, the Rads.

What They Look Like

Rads are an aberration among yogang culture; since they fight the system within the system, they must dress the part. They make a point of appearing well-groomed, well-behaved, and well-disciplined as part of the "disinformation campaign" they’re running.

Typically, they have nice clothes, though never too expensive. Streetboots, slacks, and a collared shirt and common. Rads also wear slickers or dusters to conceal their leaflets, flyers, thief equipment, and weapons. Rads like to stay about two steps behind current fashion just to avoid being trendy. This means that the clothes they wear are the more durable fashions, clothes which most Dead Boys find attractive, if somewhat unimaginative. It's all a part of the image the Rads project.

Allies & Enemies

The PoliClubs are cordial with the EcoRaiders, who share a common agenda. Since they move in different circles with different methods of operation, their activities normally don't overlap, and further, the two sides don't always approve of the other's methods. Nonetheless, the two factions will often swap information of use to the other.

Rads respect the Guardians, who take a more physical route toward improving the streets. They also respect the StreetFighters as responsible, if politically inactive, citizens. The PoliClubs maintain good relations with the Vidiots, who they use to help broadcast their beliefs, accusations, and other political projects. On occasion the Vidiots smear the Rads, but they don't take offense. The Rads prefer to keep relations congenial, because the Vidiots give great rates in exchange for the privilege of doing the vids for some really meaty dirt the PoliClubs dig up.

The Rads' semi-formal attire makes them automatic targets for GoGangers, MegaViolents, and pretty much everyone else who doesn't dress as well. The Rads take teasing and harassment well, not lowering themselves to respond. With the MegaViolents, though, fights are common. For the Polis themselves, though, the real fight begins when they start plotting their terrorist revenge.


Much like BeaverBrats, on the surface, Rads are just normal kids, with normal names, going about their normal daily lives. But when Rads engage in covert affairs and psychwars, sometimes it is useful to have an ominous name associated with their terror tactics. These tags are meant to evoke fear and concern, but would never be anything so vulgar as the childish names used by the likes of Goths, MegaViolents, and BeaverBrats. Rad tags are subtle, nuanced, intended to make their targets have to think about what the name means and why it is someone to be worried about.


Ballot out to eliminate a political rival
The Beast the government, a corporation
Beastman a loyal corporate employee
Chrome high-profile corp, frontman, visible target
Splunger yes-man, toady, someone unable to think for himself
Track as a noun, incriminating evidence; as a verb, to blackmail
Vote A decision, usually ending in someone's ballot being outed
Worm breaking and entering

Yogang Benefit

  • Work the Room: Rads start with the Work the Room Edge.
  • Educated: Rads start with Academics (Politics) at d4.

Yogang Complication

  • Cautious: Rads start with the Cautious Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • Pocket Cellphone
  • Personal V-Term (computer/digital assistant)
  • Armored Duster (Medium) with 20 pockets inside
  • Paintball Gun with 10 acid loads, 20 paint loads, and 10 sleepdrug loads
  • 5 small explosives
  • Light Handgun
  • Tracker and 10 Tracer pins


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