The Puppeteer is an extremely rare CyberGenus. Puppeteers generate nanite Controllers that invade other biological systems by touch, attaching themselves to the cerebral cortex. Through the Controllers, the Puppeteer can deliver commands, overriding the wills of their targets.

Puppeteer Powers

Regeneration Power Regeneration Level 1 Cost 3
Nanotech-enhanced healing capabilities.

Make a natural healing roll once per day.

Recovery (+1): Halve recovery time for Fatigue.

Dominion Power Mind Control Level Cost 12
Implant nanite controllers used to manipulate actions of living beings.

After touching the victim (this may require a Touch Attack), make an opposed Smarts roll as an action. With success, the target becomes a puppet under the Puppeteer's control. This requires intense concentration, so the Puppeteer suffers –1 to all other actions. If Shaken, Distracted, or Wounded, make a Spirit roll or lose control (automatic if Incapacitated, rendered unconscious, etc.).

Controlled victims may make another contested Smarts roll to resist any time they are forced to do something anathema to their personality, such as walk off a cliff or attack a loved one (GM's call). Success means the victim resists for the round and performs no action, while a raise allows them to break free of the Puppeteer's grip entirely, burning out the controllers.

Memory Alteration (+4): The Puppeteer can manipulate the victim's memories so they do not remember what they did while under mind control, or even alter them so they believe they did something else during that time.
Multiple Minds (+8): The Puppeteer can control up to five minds at a time. Each still requires touch before control is possible.
Limitation (-2): Requires touch.
Limitation (-1): -2 in high EM interference, -4 in very high EM interference.

Render Immobile Power Paralysis Level Cost 3
The simplest form of control is full paralysis.

A successful Touch Attack causes the victim to make a Smarts roll. If the victim fails the roll, they're Incapacitated. On their following turns, the paralyzed victim makes a Smarts roll to revive. With a raise, they revive and may act normally. With a success, they revives but are Shaken and at half Pace until un-Shaken

Strong (+1): –2 to target's Smarts roll.
Limitation (-1): -2 in high EM interference, -4 in very high EM interference.


Energy Requirements (-2): Must eat a full meal every 12 hours or lose access to Mind Control. After another 12 hours without proper sustenance, the Puppeteer loses access to the Paralysis power. These powers can be regained with a full meal and at least an hour to properly digest and replenish nanites.


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