Oracles’ brains and senses are rewired, enabling them to recognize patterns and pick up on the most minute details, calculating the most likely course of events to follow. Effectively, they can predict the immediate future with remarkable accuracy.

Oracle Powers

Regeneration Power Regeneration Level 1 Cost 3
Nanotech-enhanced healing capabilities.
Make a natural healing roll once per day.
Recovery (+1): Halve recovery time for Fatigue.
Divination Power Clairvoyance Level Cost 3
Calculating variables to predict the most likely outcome.
Requires a Smarts roll to see events an hour away, -2 for a day, -4 for a week, -6 (or more) for events beyond a week.
Precognition (+1): Perceive future events of present location or subject.
Postcognition (+1): Perceive past events of current location.
Normal Sight Only (-1): Cannot perceive the imperceptible.
Danger Sense Power Danger Sense Level Cost 2
Get a Notice roll to detect hidden danger, and on a raise start the first round of an ambush or surprise attack on Hold.
Heightened Senses Power Heightened Senses Level 1 Cost 1 (1/Level)
Superhuman awareness of detail.
Perception (+2 to Notice and Investigation rolls to find clues or notice details).
Precognitive Reaction Power Uncanny Reflexes Level Cost 8
Knowledge of events before they occur.
Incoming attacks the oracle is aware of suffer -4.


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