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Countless thousands of NeoPioneers are creating a new society, building small fortresses out of the wreckage of the small towns and villages abandoned during the Collapse. They've gone back to the raw roots of America, the law of the West: earning a living by their wits, teamwork, instinct, and sometimes a quick gun.

At first look. NeoPioneer subculture appears to be a combination of Western mythology and paramilitary survivalism, but there's more to it than that. NeoPioneer values are based on the Code of the West (which is sort of a subset of the Yogang Code): Your word is your bond, you share what you have with your neighbors and back them up in a tight spot. and you always stand by your claim, giving it up to no one. NeoPioneers have pride, values, and everything else, it's just that their priorities actually make sense.

What Neos value most is freedom. But they know the ISA doesn't give a frack about that, and that they never hesitate to crush what they don't agree with. Thus, alert drills and sentry duty go hand-in-hand with planting crops and animal husbandry. Participation in the township militia is mandatory. It's also why they fortify and camouflage their homesteads. Aside from the standard booby-traps, IR baffles, aerial netting, and sandbags, most Neo villages also have a maze of tunnels beneath the ground. These make perfect avenues to conduct a savage guerrilla war on anyone who tries to pry them off their land.

NeoPioneers maintain a vigilant (many say paranoid) watch on their territory, but they also have a fierce camaraderie and sense of family. Although each township is a separate and distinct unit, Neos are free with information, trading, and downright charity with others of their kind, and sometimes even perfect strangers.

If there is a failing among NeoPioneers. it's that some get so into the Western Myth that they lose sight of the reality of homesteading. It's hard work. full of back-breaking labor and hours of dull routine. but these folks expect the wild life of the boomtown. street showdowns and all. Blowing off some steam is fine. but calling folks out for gun or knife duels daily doesn't exactly help build community. If one of these “Billys” can’t be chilled out, they have to be run outta town…or hanged.

What They Look Like

For NeoPioneers, fashion necessarily yields to pragmatism. Their typical work outfit is a combination of Western and farm fashions mixed with Army surplus gear. Heavy overalls and fatigues are common, worh with T-shirts in the summer and Reactimesh™ shirts in colder weather. Almost every Neo also has a set of camouflage fatigues designed for the environment in which they live. Headgear falls into two categories: Stetsons and helmets. Bandanas are common work attire too.

There are two measures of uniformity among the Neos. One is the look of being well-worn — it is a badge, a mark of allegiance and dedication to a better world made with their own two hands. The other is a fondness for memorabilia of the Old West.

Allies & Enemies

NeoPioneers are outsiders. Few of the inner-city yogangs encounter them very often, and some even consider the name “NeoPioneer” to be a derogatory synonym for Squat. As a result, no one is really an enemy of the NeoPioneers. Instead. most people just ignore them like they ignore Squats. NeoPioneers do have a few friends, though. EcoRaiders, Tribals, and to a lesser extent Beastieboys share compatible ideals. EcoRaiders are the most careful to keep up a good liaison, because the NeoPioneers' enclaves are very useful for staging areas and hideouts before and after a hayduking raid. For their part, NeoPioneers like having others around; a little extra company doesn't hurt, and they are happy to bring Neos items they need.


NeoPioneers don't typically have tags as they aren't a part of Street culture. Besides, they are generally proud of their names and not inclined to disguise them behind a pseudonym.


Bumped great, wonderful
Township a distinct group of NeoPioneers; those goboys in one village
Gunslinger a member of the township who is particularly good at fighting. be it with a knife or a gun
Plow to attack (esp. with a knife); to neck, make out, have sex
Root as a verb, to dig; as a noun, a tunnel
Dustcloud danger, beware, look out
Cavalry the town militia

Yogang Benefit

  • Strong Willed: NeoPioneers start with the Strong Willed Edge.
  • Frontier Guerilla: NeoPioneers start with Survival at d4.

Yogang Complication

  • Outsider: NeoPioneers stick out like a sore thumb in the city, seen as little more than backwards, paranoid hicks. As such they suffer the Outsider Minor Hindrance. Only interactions with Tribals, EcoRaiders, BeastieBoys, and Nomads do not fall under the effects of this Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • NorWolf hunting rifle or an old-fashioned revolver
  • Cougar hunting bow
  • A dirtbike or 4WD jeep
  • One sample bit of Western memorabilia like a Stetson, marshal badge, etc.
  • Bear and deer traps (three each)
  • 12" survival knife
  • Surplus helmet


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