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Moshers experience life in all its harshness, with music as the vehicle. They are the party animals of 2027, thronging to hear the latest in head-banging chromatic rock in back alley clubs, abandoned warehouses, and junkyards. They don’t do discos; it’s got to be live music, it’s got to be loud, and it’s got to drip with angst and anger and frustration. They get together, dance and yell and pogo and scream until the sweat rolls freely down their faces and bodies, and then they start to get a little wild.

These juves are generally from the middle- and lower-class ends of the social spectrum: those Americans who have stress to cope with, pain to name. It is to deal with this that they party so hard, seeking the simple pleasures of stage-diving and drinking so much that they crawl through their own vomit in the gutter. Just so long as they can feel the music as listen to the lyrics. They tell it true.

Social life centers around hole-in-the-wall clubs and basement bars where energetic bands bash out cutting edge rock. The group identity of a Mosher yogang is based on a primal bonding engendered by the close, sweaty, groping, and often painful physical contact each of them undergoes for several hours at each concert. It’s a very physical intimacy.

Moshers pay no attention to physical pain. Combat boots to the head and failed stage-dives are expected, as are the accompanying injuries. It’s not a good night unless there are a few good-natured fist fights to keep the energy high.

Even outside the concert, life as a big laugh. They’ll get in a scrum at the drop of a hat, sling fists for a few minutes, and then laugh it off. Since “personal combat” is legal in the States, they can do this repeatedly, getting some practice and constantly disrupting the corporate drones, and the police have no grounds to arrest them. They bring their music out into the streets as well, playing bootleg tapes of their favorite groups as they move through the crowds. They’d feel isolated without their music

Mosher gangs tend to focus around one or two music groups they consider the best. This championing of bands can lead to vicarious wars between the gangs, with each playing tapes as loud as possible and kicking and punching to further their arguments. Despite all the infighting, they all look on each other as kinfolk, and they’ll drop any pretense of animosity to team up against any outside interference, be it from another yogang or from adults.

What They Look Like

You wear clothes that are rugged and easy to wash. The entire concept behind Mosher fashion is to get as ugly as possible. Modern adult society treats Moshers like misshapen guttersnipes, so they dress the part and give them what they want. In their face.

Common outfits include boots, heavy jeans or fatigues, and a couple of Reactimesh™ shirts, which are perfect for Mosher lifestyle; when out in the cold of the street, the mesh closes up for warmth, but it opens up for ventilation in the compressed heat of a gig. Fortunately, they are available in a variety of bizarre colors and patterns, and their loose fit makes it easy to hide weapons and drinks. They also wear headbands, most commonly a cotton mesh band pulled tight, covered with cloisonné pins of your favorite band insignia. To top it all off, they wear the mandatory denim duster or long coat (but not armored or leather; they're too heavy).

They’re fond of accessories, especially if they clash. The girls wear sickly, paisley miniskirts or shredded lingerie over their tights and combat boots. Guys might wear oversized silk boxers over their pants, and everyone wears patches, pins, and other memorabilia from their favorite bands. Tattoos are common as well, with the more obvious ones bequeathing the most prestige. Facial tattoos have come to be signs of true dedication to the Mosher lifestyle, an on-my-face-in-your-face statement, but it takes a real hard-core Mosher to get one.

Allies & Enemies

Moshers have closest ties with the BoardPunks, who share a common desire to have fun and get physical. These two yogangs often hang out together: Moshers provide the music and an audience, and BoardPunks give something to watch and make jokes about. Moshers also have decent relations with Goths, because they also have an appreciation for “real music”, which is to say anything underground. (Goths, by the way. refer to Moshers as “Frankies”, a reference to their “clumsy Frankenstein physicality”. Fat lot they know.)

Moshers have no taste for GlitterKids or MallBrats, both of whom are too trendy, too upscale, and too wimpy. Although Moshers are generally friendly and gregarious, they give members of these yogangs a hard time whenever possible. These are the few times that they'll get into a fight and really mean it. Although they annoy the police and corporations, these authorities largely ignore Moshers as mostly harmless. They have bigger fish to fry.


Mosher tags are whatever the hell they want them to be. If there is any kind of pattern to them, it is that many of them are deliberately cranked; that is to say they are intentionally disgusting or less than complimentary.


Base sober
Chester as a verb, projectile vomiting; as a noun, a social faux pas, a nerd
Cranked really ugly or disgusting (generally a compliment)
Grainy exceptionally emotional or loud
Pit cool, hard-core, popular
Serum fight
Throw down to play music, to have sex
White horribly drunk or under the influence

Yogang Benefit

  • Combat Reflexes: Moshers start with the Combat Reflexes Edge.
  • Nerves of Steel: Moshers start with the Nerves of Steel Edge.

Yogang Complication

  • Impulsive: Moshers start with the Impulsive Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • A portable music chip player with earphones
  • A beat-up compact disk boom box radio
  • A dozen bootleg chips, tapes, or CDs
  • Mega-V™ spiked leather gloves (Str+d4)
  • A first aid kit
  • A small bottle of your favorite libation in a hip flask
  • Heavy peacoat, trenchcoat, or duster (Armor +3, Wt. 3)


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