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Some juves say MegaViolents are just twisted sadists and bullies, but Megas will tell you that violence is truth and pain makes you stronger. They live for battle, but not the wussy formalized katas and forms of the StreetFighters; they want to get right in the face of the enemy and feel the danger. Megas will use guns if they must, but they disdain anything that doesn’t carry some risk of death, where they can feel their enemy’s breath in their faces and their blood on their hands.

A true Mega goes out of their way to find opportunities for battle. If they live at home, they take pains to make sure their double-life is kept secret from those they socialize with on a day-to-day basis. Their goboys who live on the Street live in MegaViolent mode twenty-four hours a day.

There are two ways to become a member of a MegaViolent yogang: be an acquaintance of one of the gang or get real gutsy and ask to join. Either way, expect a real rough initiation. MegaViolents give new members a severe thrashing. The applicant is expected to fight back, though given the odds, they’ll lose anyway. Those that endure (and survive) can join, but they’re at the bottom of the pecking order.

Within a Megaviolent gang, absolute fascism is the rule of the day. The gangs are small — generally three to seven members — and there's only one leader, who holds the position through charisma, skill, and a willingness to lash out at the blink of an eye. Naturally, those who are dissatisfied with the leader or others in the gang vent their frustrations in a similar manner. The tendency for disputes to be resolved after a few broken bones ensures that most MegaViolents are rather lenient toward others in their gang. Yet, Megas believe there is a kind of honor in the process; the strong survive, just like wolves in the wild.

Between gangs, warfare is constant; gangs constantly test each other to see who's better: Individual challenges quickly escalate into bloody street wars, and wars into blood feuds. Holding turf is a matter of being the best group of warriors around, and wars and duels are the only methods you and your goboys will accept to settle a conflict.

What They Look Like

Each MegaViolent yogang develops its own unique "colors". All the members of your gang dress similarly, in some strange costume that either accents or lampoons their violent nature. Most MegaViolent costumery is a contrast in effete and violent: lipstick and combat boots, spikes and lace, things like that. You want to be noticed. You want them to attack you. You want the rush.

Allies & Enemies

MegaViolents have no friends among yogang culture, other than fellow Megas (who consider them opponents). Everyone is leery of them, with the exception of the GoGangers, who are as close to neutral as it is possible to feel about a MegaViolent. The GoGangers at least understand the desire for action and mayhem, although they are not nearly as extreme. StreetFighter schools and Guardian gangs are the sworn enemies of MegaViolents. The Guardians hate them for their ruthlessness, and the StreetFighters loathe them because they use the weak as bait. Both gangs will light into a Megaviolent gang with no mercy. The MegaViolents realize this and pull out all the stops for these brawls.


Traditionally, the first time a MegaViolent manages to enter a berserk rage in battle, amidst the violent ecstasy they will bellow their new tag as a war cry. Of course, other Megas will only accept this "battle name" if they are blooded; they must injure or kill an enemy, or suffer injury or death themselves. Those MegaViolents that die this way are especially honored by their goboys, as it is considered a truly glorious death.

Due to MegaViolent tags being the result of a frenzied state of mind, they can be nearly anything. That said, Megas tend to have one-track minds, so the names will typically sound barbaric and dangerous.


Chained corporate-sponsored
Choirboys Guardians or Streetfighters
Kinked to be crippled in combat
Nad respected Megaviolent
Ronco weapon, especially a knife
Scrum fight
Valhalla a really good death in battle

Yogang Benefit

  • Berserk: MegaViolents start with the Berserk Edge.
  • Live for Combat: MegaViolents start with Fighting at d6.

Yogang Complication

  • Bloodthirsty: MegaViolents start with the Bloodthirsty Hindrance.
  • No Peace: MegaViolents cannot take the Pacifist Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • Heavy Armored Clothing
  • Any two melee weapons (other than monoweapons)
  • Heavy Autopistol
  • Heavy SMG
  • Battleglove with Strength Bonus (+2) and Wolvers (Str+d6)
  • Kendachi MonoKatana or Monoknife


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