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Ostensibly, MallBrats hang out at the gigantic Mallplex centers day in, day out, scamming the stores, cruising for dates, checking out the latest fashions and advertisements. The Mallplexes are safe, with corporate security guards, lots of crowds, and happy advertising telling them how great the world is and how sexy they look in that new ICON America jacket. The tougher yogangs don't go to the mallplexes; they're boring and the guards always beat them up. In short, MallBrats like things the way they are. They just want to blend in.

Yeah, right. Underneath the cheerful clothes and dopey attitudes lurk the future fixers of the Cyberpunk universe, using the placid surface of the urbanplex to supply yogang America with the products they need and the services they demand.
MallBrats run the Mallplexes. They take menial jobs as happy, stupid counter help during the day; after hours, using their keys, they fire up the microfactory, cut in the splice that disables the production counter, and run off two hundred extra armorjacks for the Street trade. Sure, the store managers are watching, but long as they get their cut, they're happy. It's not like they owned the place or anything. They're just Corporate wage-slaves.

The ultimate status symbol for a MallBrat is cornering the market on a hot property: the only copy of the new KIDROCK bootleg, access to Malorian Industries' new heavy pistol, or the Virtuality code for a dynamite concert recording. Rumor and hearsay are also an important part of MallBrat subculture, since the more they keep their finger on the pulse of their customers, the better they can supply them. Appearance and fashion are also important. If a MallBrat looks good, wears the right clothes, and always sports the latest makeup style, you can bet they’re scoring a big deal somewhere, and being a confidante or lover of that MallBrat is a sure way to get in on the action.

The corner of MallBrat culture is favors: paybacks for deals and things you've done for others. Money? They can get that anytime. But if a heavy corporate Solo owes them because they found him the chips for the new DeanArms 3000 genius gun, that's something special. MallBrat favors run all through 2027 society, because everyone goes to the Mallplex at some time, and almost everyone needs something. Sometimes they pay back favors to a third party, so that a friend of his will feel obligated to help a MallBrat’s goboys out in a pinch.

MallBrats aren't big into yogangs exactly; the closest they come is creating "holding companies'', in which several MallBrats join forces to pull off a really big score. If a holding company works well, it usually gets continued until something (like a CorpSec bust) pulls it apart. In really large Mallplexes, the most successful of your friends form into loose "trade associations".

What They Look Like

MallBrats are second only to the single-identity Posergangs as far as cookie-cutter appearance goes. Whatever the style is, hundreds of them wear variations on it, all in bright, sassy colors. In fact, if there is one thing that can be said for MallBrat clothes, it's that they are always new (the corporations no longer promote the ratty hand-me-down look, because there's no money in it). Hair, nails, and makeup also follow the fashion trends. Thanks to their almost exclusively indoor lifestyle, MallBrats are very pale, unless tan is the in-look this season, in which case they sport either dark makeup or the uniform Malibu Barbie tan of the salons. Whatever they do, they don't want to stand out. They want to be predictable, safe.

Allies & Enemies

MallBrats tend to get along with almost all the yogang types. Even the Megas respect them because MallBrats can get their hands on the latest weapons and armor. The Guardians don't know much about their business practices, so they don't squawk much. The GoldenKids and Glitters sometimes use them to get exclusive stuff that no amount of money can buy. MallBrats haven't got much use for the Goths and Tribals, and they think of the BeaverBrats as customers, not friends.


There isn't much consistency when it comes to MallBrat tags. If they have a tag at all, it is usually just a nickname that develops organically, either among other MallBrats or from their customers.


220 very desirable date, prospect
Go Chapter 11 to eliminate an enemy
Investment a hot prospect or deal
Lagger one who is unfashionable or out of date; also a bad businessman
Office usually the backroom or corner of the Mallplex where deals are made
Shiv fashionable, nice-looking
Slacked in trouble, ejected, beat up, arrested

Yogang Benefit

  • Boost: MallBrats start with the Boost Edge.
  • ThiefStuff: MallBrats start with Thievery at d4.

Yogang Complication

  • Greedy: MallBrats start with the Greedy Minor Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • Personal Phone
  • V-Term (computer/digital assistant)
  • Autofactory override key (+1 to Hacking rolls to hack autofactories)
  • Light Autopistol
  • 20 V-Cards
  • Smart Decryptor (opens door locks)


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