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Let the Goldenkids depend on their money and the Glitterkids on their fame. Let those sorry junkies hobble on their crutches and bask in the pale glow of streetdrek adoration. Lookers have the tools they lack, and put them to use: the hair, the face, the clothes, the body. They set the trends the media follows. They display the looks others try to imitate. They are what everyone wants to be.

Grace, beauty, and an understanding of the power of physical appearance: These are the centerpieces of Looker subculture. In today's ISA the public has been disarmed by a media that tells them what they need to buy and do in order to look and be desirable. But Lookers have taken control of their own image, shaping it with skill and intelligence instead of products and propaganda. They’ve made their bodies into weapons. By acquiring modeling and media contacts and making it onto the screamsheets and airwaves, the Machine now pays Lookers to tell them what it means to be beautiful. And that's the kind of power that they’re looking for.

Only constant vigilance can give the appearance of being completely unconcerned about one’s looks. They constantly check each other over, looking for minor flaws that might cause problems, keeping tabs on what the public needs to see from them. Their spare time is filled with exercise regimes, evaluation sessions, and close monitoring of the trends and fads of the country. Not really a set of cliques like other yogangs, Lookers are a tight fraternity of individuals, pushing themselves like wolves on the hunt. Information on contracts, agents, fashion, and job opportunities are traded freely at informal get-togethers where you get a chance to let your hair down. You're all in this together. Alone you can achieve notoriety; as a bloc you can subtly shape the awareness of a culture.

What They Look Like


Like there's anything to add? Their clothes are always on the Edge, and shame everything worn by the supposedly avantgarde Glitterkids and Goldenkids. Lookers seem to wear what they want, and whatever it is, they make it look custom-fit. Of course, it usually is; they've developed relationships with the best tailors and designers, who they like to make things for them because they make their fashions look so good. Everything Lookers wear is carefully selected for fit, form and color, to perfectly enhance their appearance.

Likewise, their hair is perfect, held just so by the best hairstyling proteins (it'd better, since they spent enough time working it into place). Their make-up (both sexes wear it) is so subtle, so expertly done, so flawless that it doesn't even look like they have any on. They sculpt their bodies with exercise, not training it for size or power, but shaping it for just the right visual combination of tone and muscle weight. Their posture makes them look larger than life, and their poise intimidates people as soon as they approach.

Allies & Enemies

Because they are so beautiful, Lookers have earned the scorn of the Goths, MegaViolents, Trogs, and Moshers, all of whom view them as narcissistic.

GlitterKids and GoldenKids especially seek out Lookers for those photo-op dates. Rads also appreciate their subtle infiltration of the Machine and often support their more political activities.

The yogangs Lookers appreciate the most are the Guardians and the StreetFighters — who provide occasional bodyguard services — and the Vidiots — who can offer the exposure needed when the Machine turns its fickle attention elsewhere. They also get along well with the adult world, as long as they play the Lookers’ game (which, considering how well those holos sell, they normally do).


Much like GlitterKids, Lookers cultivate a public persona, and a tag is part of that. Typically, they go by a "normal" name, though it is likely to be at least partially fabricated to be more marketable.


The Eye: public attention; a lofty position; the center
Eyesore: stressed out, especially from media attention
Lowballer: someone who sells out
Poke: succeed, do well. finish
Slinger: someone after sex, ego gratification, or both
Spunker: Looker wannabe, egotistical person
Tiffy: Goldenkid
Ziffy: Glitterkid

Yogang Benefit

  • Attractive: Lookers start with the Attractive Edge, even if they don’t meet the requirements for it.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • Personal cellphone
  • Six dozen of your promo V-cards
  • Expensive real leather outfit (Armor +2)
  • Portfolio with a resumé and several of your best photos and holos
  • Snoopboxx
  • Interface mask (for when you’re incognito)


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