Law in Night City
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ISA Government

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David Whindam

Council of Economic Prosperity (CEP)

While the ISA still gives lip service to democratic procedures and structures, the Neo-American corporations have formed an alliance that is codified and empowered in the Council of Economic Prosperity. Once an "advisory board", the CEP has expanded its influence rapidly since 2021. It now acts as both a forum and political power bloc, granting influence and prestige to the corporations at a level that was never attainable before. The twenty-six primary members are elected from the major corporations in the ISA, including Militech, Petrochem, EBM America and Arasaka, but it has literally dozens of subcommittees involved in various programs as well. It is the single most powerful element in the ISA. Only the President has greater authority above the CEP.


Bureau of Relocation was established as a part of the Department of Health and Human Resources. Relocating squatters and indigents who had set up life where the corporations wanted to build. They would sweep in and round up any and all, shipping them off to the internment camps for "Vocational Training". i.e., unpaid work gangs. With the coming of the Carbon Plague, BuReloc has been given a new set of targets: the Evolved.

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Lisa Danuloff

Domestic Security Agency (DSA)

The DSA started as a part of CorpSec, by the success of its Undercover Operations Division soon made it a major tool of the CEP. While still technically a part of the corporate police force, with jurisdiction covering all corporate property (about 40% of the country), they now have other divisions to handle specialized investigations of other tasks. They can and often d remove police from an investigation and take it over for themselves.

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Anastasia Lucessi


The Domestic Security Agency (DSA) has an ace up their sleeves, The Raptors. CyberEvolved children who have been coerced or convinced to use their talents to help the Agency hunt down their brethren.

Because of the security risk in being a known Raptor, the list provided of members below is minimal and only publicly known Raptors.

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Harbor Police

Perhaps the only "incorruptible" City-run police force, responsible for the Harbor districts of Night City, including the San Morro cargo port. The Harbor Police are a rough and independent lot, resembling a combat gang more than a police organization. They strictly enforce the law and will go to any extreme to see that the law is upheld. Thanks to this, Harbormaster Mahan Jones, the leader of the Harbor Police, is intensely disliked by City Hall, and there have been numerous unsuccessful attempts to replace him with a "more cooperative officer".

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Night City Police Department

The police forces in Night City are very formidable indeed, equipped with state of the art armor and firepower, and with excellent training. The weakness of police comes from the lack of numbers; there are simply not enough of officers to cover all the crime on the streets, plus a continuing problem with graft and corruption. As a result, only high-profile criminal activities, or those unable to be hidden from the vigilant media, get full police attention.

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Edward Kilmartin
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