Jammers are masters of sonics. Their ears and throats have been converted to hexite and can be reshaped to suit their needs. They can produce any type of tone or pitch, mimic sounds, project like a megaphone, or focus their voices into a powerful sonic punch. They can also hear just about any sound, analyze voice stress, distinguish between recordings and the real thing, etc.

Jammer Powers

Regeneration Power Regeneration Level 1 Cost 3
Nanotech-enhanced healing capabilities.
Make a natural healing roll once per day.
Recovery (+1): Halve recovery time for Fatigue.
Echolocation Power Awareness Level Cost 3
Sense surroundings through echolocation/sonar.
Ignore all obscurement penalties.
Broadcast Power Broadcast Level Cost 2
Broadcast in the AM, FM, and shortwave frequencies to devices within 24”.
Manipulation (+2): Transmit audio.
Limitation (-2): Manipulation only. Cannot receive.
Voice Modulation Power Chameleon Level Cost 5
Alter voice through reshaping hexite throat and vocal chords.
Someone familiar with original rolls Notice -2.
Sound Effects (+2): Can create non-human sounds.
Voice (+2): Can emulate voices.
Limitation (-2): Voice only, no appearance change.
Heightened Hearing Power Heightened Senses Level 1 (1/Level) Cost 3
Hexite ears can reshape to receive below or above normal range of human hearing.
Super Sense (+2 to Notice for hearing)
Spatial Sense (+2): As an action, roll Notice -4 to hear through up to six feet of material. Extreme noise disrupts this ability.
Sonic Stun Power Stun Level Cost 5
Incapacitation through high-frequency noise or a focused subsonic punch.
Ranged Touch Attack. Victim rolls Vigor -2 or is Shaken.
Area Effect (+2): Medium Burst Template.
Ranged Touch Attack (+2)
Strong (+1)
Limitation (-2): If Trait die comes up a 1, take a level of Fatigue.

Jammer Drawbacks

Energy Requirements (-2): Must eat a full meal every 12 hours or throat and ears solidify (imposing a the Hard of Hearing Major Hindrance). The Jammer will cannot eat normally and will suffer from Hunger if not fed intravenously. After the equivalent of a full meal and a hour of recovery time, the Jammer’s ears and throat will soften again.
Distinctive Appearance (-1): Ears and throat/tongue are shiny silver-black supercarbon and should be covered.


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