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Guardians are proud defenders of Street justice and champions of the weak. Despite the broad variance in the beliefs of the various Guardian gangs, they all hold to one common credo: the streets and the cities are the rightful domain of good people, not undesirables.

These yogangers are tough, terse, and always on the lookout. Guardians are deep down the most paranoid of the yogangs, because by nature they walk the streets looking for trouble. By their very character they make a lot of enemies and wear visible uniforms to attract attention — it’s a lot like wearing a bullseye. As a result, Guardians always scan their environment, head and eyes always roving, searching for potential threats.

In dealings with outsiders, Guardians are wary but respectful. During confrontations they try to use nonlethal force, to avoid angering the local police. Of course, when faced with lethal force, Guardians pull no punches.

On the Street, Guardians lean heavily on paramilitary regimentation. On patrol, unquestioning loyalty to the leader is required. In private, they’re raucous and friendly, and enjoy swapping brags, war stories, and sparring.

Guardians only accept members that meet their high standards: clean criminal records, a drug-free past, and other such improbabilities in the post-modern world. Those that pass the background check and endure a three-month period of training and lightly humiliating initiation gets inducted into the group.

What They Look Like

Guardians dress in a paramilitary manner. Viewing themselves as the protectors of the common citizen, they normally dress somewhat conservatively, or at least dress in a conservative base uniform which may then be ornamented according to personal taste with beads, buttons, feathers, or other personal effects.

As with police uniforms, utility and visibility are the most important aspects. The most common Guardian uniform therefore is a variation on combat boots, six-pocket fatigue pants, a T-shirt or sweatshirt with the group's logo emblazoned on it, and a jacket, also with the logo embroidered across the back. Berets are far and away the most common headgear, and leather fighting gloves are very popular. Personal grooming is also very important, for as the protectors of the greater good, it's necessary to maintain the image of being clean. Hair is generally kept short, which helps during fights.

Allies & Enemies

Due to their law-abiding nature, most of your fellow Guardians are in the good graces of the local police. CorpSec is a different matter, though, since they fear what they do not control, and are often caught acting illegally themselves. Arasaka, in particular, is notably tolerant of Guardian gangs; few corporations are openly hostile, and most just ignore you altogether.

BoardPunks and StreetFighters often find common ground with Guardians, the BoardPunks for their simple desire for the streets to be safe so they can play, and the Streeters through a mutual understanding of martial arts. Guardians don't make allies easily, although anyone who has proven their upstanding demeanor will receive the utmost respect from Guardian groups. MegaViolent gangs are your only blood enemies, as well as the more nefarious factions of GoGangers, Squats, Goths, and Rads.


Guardians would tell you that they do not have tags, they have call-signs. Their tags often have a military feel to them, evoking a tone of strength. Just as often, though, these call-signs are nicknames earned during the Guardian's training period, not unlike a GoGanger's road name.


Guardians use police slang and codes (see the Cyberpunk supplement Protect & Serve), but they also have a few phrases of their own.

Banger any criminal or other undesirable
Brick tough, ready to fight, good, great
Down with it, cool, dedicated
Rock the police, if uncorrupted; otherwise the word is "crock"
Slam & jam attack a criminal
Taking names doing very well
Throw full-blown street fight

Yogang Benefit

  • Good Guy: Guardians start with the Good Guy Edge, even if they do not meet the requirements for it.
  • Boot Camp: Guardians train their recruits hard. They start with Athletics at d6 and Fighting at d4.

Yogang Complication

  • Code of Honor: Guardians start with the Code of Honor Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • Personal phone
  • Baton/Tonfa or Nunchuks
  • 10 Striptape binders (plastic handcuffs)
  • Medium Armored Clothing
  • Leather fingerless fighting gloves
  • Knife (Str+d4 damage)


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