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These “Children of the Night” know the future holds only emptiness, and their only fear is that of the End of All Things. Unlike most, however, they embrace this fear wholeheartedly, and live their lives through the glorification of death.

Goths own the city streets after dark, simply because their breed is the most numerous at night, far more than the rest of the mere "mortals" who stumble blindly around in the shadows. Perhaps at certain times or places other yogangs might dominate the Street — MegaViolent gangs on a rampage, for example — but when they leave, the Goths will still be there. They are there because they are the Dead, and the Dead never sleep (only "rest" during the day to recover from the after-effects of their nocturnal lifestyle…preferably in a coffin).

Goths are a strange mixture of party animals and vampire poseurs. Although they use alcohol and lightweight drugs, they're also fairly athletic, a result of a lot of frenetic dancing in cellars and climbing up fire escapes under the full moon. Constantly telling themselves that they can't feel pain or fear also makes Goths frighteningly resistant to damage.

While other yogangs flirt with murder, Goths flirt with suicide and vampirism. They push themselves to their limits, leaping across rooftops, stabbing themselves randomly through the body with ornate knives, and giving in to any dangerous whim that passes through their minds. As wannabe vampires, they stalk the streets, looking for solitary victims, or perhaps a pair to herd into a corner or dead end, only to have them collapse in terror when a whole pack of Goths emerge from the shadows around them. Goths terrorize, and occasionally drink blood, but cannibalism is verboten — the province of psychotics already over the Edge.

There is no formal organization in Goth yogangs, which are little more than groups of friends who hang out together. Goth groups intermix a lot. They also throw great parties, if you like gothic rock, and some better-known Goth bands charge admission to their gigs.

What They Look Like

Traditionally, Goths favor severe clothing, almost all of it in black, except for possibly a white ruffled or lace-embroidered shirt. Archaic jewelry, especially obscure religious symbols, are cherished accessories. They dye or bleach their hair, teasing it into wild flares of damage protein, and smear their faces with white makeup highlighted by black lip gloss and eye shadow.

Many modern Goths favor a more vibrant style, blending the traditional blacks, corsets, fishnets, and leathers with boldly colored hair and extensions, platform boots, goggles, and gas masks. Many of their accessories are neon or fluorescent, or even V-chipped with ethereal Virtuality effects. These “CyberGoths” are sometimes held in contempt by more traditional Children of the Night, but despite appearances, they are no less fearsome than other Goths.

Allies & Enemies

The greatest enemies of the Goth are the Squats, though to call them enemies is perhaps missing the point; most Goths just consider Squats to be their rightful prey.

Because of their occasional drugs and wild parties, the Goths are at least on social terms with the MegaViolents and the GoGangers.


Goth tags are intentionally dark and macabre, meant to evoke imagery of death, the night, creepy-crawly things, and monsters. Some Goths simply adopt new names instead, but these are always name associated with Victoriana, Gothic literature, or occasionally Biblical references (especially villainous figures).


Fly dump truck dive, other dangerous acrobatic activity
Hot lunch a victim
Inks the night
Pain the daylight, the sun
Queef as a noun, a wannabe; as a verb, to be foolish
Woofer hard-core Goth of dubious sanity

Yogang Benefit

  • Deathwalk: Goths start with the Deathwalk Edge.
  • Scary: Goths start with Intimidation at d4.

Yogang Complication

  • Outsider: Goths deliberately set themselves apart and put people off. They start with the Outsider Minor Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • White face paint and red lipstick
  • Vampire teeth inserts (Str+d4 damage)
  • Ornate dagger (Str+d4 damage)
  • Garotte (strangulation damage)
  • Long black armored Victorian coat or duster (medium)
  • Obscure symbol on long chain


Tags: yogang:goth

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