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GoldenKids are born and raised on wealth and privilege instead of parenting and ethics. They live in a world of corporate high-rises, bodyguards, and dedicated Virtuality links. They have their own gold corporate credit cards, exotic pets, expensive jewelry, a huge wardrobe, and a personal aerodyne. they have everything a juve could want…except parents who can spare some time just to be with them.

Many GoldenKids are not natives, having parents who came to the U.S from Japan or the EC to oversee an American branch of a large, international megacorp (which has since defected to the ISA). Some come from California, Texas, Florida, or the Northeast, where hereditary fortunes are still common. But money isn’t the whole picture; what they really have is power. GoldenKids’ parents dictate the policies of nations and push around kings.

GoldenKid culture is based exclusively on status in its various forms, and parties are the main way for status to be developed and asserted. Appearance is one way to establish dominance; another is through argument. The most popular GoldenKids are known for their ability to philosophize, and while their points may lack any basis in experience, the ability to debate is more important. Under the omnipresent eyes of their parents, the strongest and cleverest will be the inheritors of their progenitors' staggering power and wealth.

Status through entertainment comes third and is perhaps the most startling way in which "taddys" claim ranking. Unlimited cash, vivid imaginations and a lot of spare time have led to some depraved pursuits, usually only for a few short weeks before restlessly alighting on some other distraction. The search is always on for something which money can't buy. Killing small animals is now considered passé, but everyone's heard stories about GoldenKids kidnapping random streetdrek and holding parties where the attendees express their creativity through applied pain.

What They Look Like

GoldenKids always wear the latest fashions, or else eschew popular convention entirely and wear whatever style pleases them. Whatever the style, they always look polished: Glossy real leather boots and coats, exotic furs, gold and precious stones, and hand-tailored fits are the hallmark of the GoldenKid. Since a true GoldenKid always goes for subtle show, the cut of their clothes and the craft of their jewelry ensembles are designed for low-key flair, flash, and a sinister edge of arrogance and elitism. Appearance is only a tool to attract attention, intimidate others, flaunt wealth and stake territory at a party. They scrutinize other GoldenKids' appearances and cut them carefully to ribbons with critiques, though always behind their backs.

Allies & Enemies

Unlike other yogangs, GoldenKid circles usually have cordial relations with corporations and the authorities. These relations may even be warm and friendly, depending on how good they are at hiding their little games from those in power (as if they didn't know). They look on the corporations as a means to an end: a piggy bank with an endless supply of euro. Goldens pretend to be nice and well behaved, simply to ensure a steady flow of credit into their accounts.

GoldenKids have no friends among yogang culture, largely because they think everyone else is beneath their dignity. In return, other yogangers think GoldenKids have no firm grounding in reality and live in a fantasy world of their own devising. Very few people mess with the GoldenKids unless they can finish them all off. It is well known among yogang culture that to mess with a GoldenKid is to invite a corporate thug or assassin to teach you some manners.


GoldenKids' family names are far too important to disguise the behind vulgar street tags. At most, a GoldenKid might favor a nickname or diminutive form of their given name (e.g. Chaz, Meg), but they will always ensure that their surname is a part of their public identity.


Bank parents
Buffy & Biff GoldenKids from Old Money, down-eastern families. Anyone from Yale, Harvard or Vassar
Leverage money, power
Lugomen faceless Corporate bodyguards, family Solos
Mondo Showdown exclusive GoldenKid party
Nuvos GlitterKids with money but not Corporate power or connections
Ram to be passé, to fail
Taddy GoldenKid
Them anyone but a GoldenKid

Yogang Benefit

  • Aristocrat: GoldenKids start with the Aristocrat Edge.
  • Educated: GoldenKids start with Academics at d4.

Yogang Complication

  • Spoiled: GoldenKids’ upbringing leaves them with some questionable social skills. Choose one of the following minor Hindrances: Greedy, Jealous, Suspicious, Thin-Skinned, Vengeful.


Aside from the many luxuries available as needed, choose four things from the list below:

  • Personal Cellphone
  • Personal V-Term (personal assistant/computer)
  • Snoopbox (privacy protection device)
  • Cardlock smartcard to family's private, luxury Corpzone conapt
  • Expensive armored clothing (medium)


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