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A GoGanger’s life revolves around bikes. Pure. Simple. Any kind of two-wheeler: Harley, Bimoda, Cybertrek, Yamada. The disdain anything with more than two wheels, and don’t even think about flying vehicles. A bike is at once a means of conveyance, a symbol of freedom, and a facet of a GoGanger’s identity. All GoGanger bikes are well maintained and meticulously cleaned. This makes GoGangers perhaps the best vehicle mechanics in yogang culture, and doing such work helps to pay the bills.

GoGangers hang out in packs of eight to twenty, roaming the roads. They don’t recognize abstracts like ownership, public property, due process, or other concepts that most people take for granted. They wreck things, cause trouble, and occasionally kill people; they don’t set out to do it, things just happen.

GoGanger subculture is based largely on pack mentality. Seniority within a gang is based on intelligence, charisma, nerve, and most of all, riding skills. One way to establish the pecking order is the "tear" (short for "tear it up"), in which the most dominant GoGanger sets a suicidal and breakneck course at top speed through a dangerous area. Challengers must follow him through the complete course; a winner must pass the leader and set a new course so dangerous that the old leader is forced to wreck or back down. Thirty or forty screaming bikes going the wrong way down the fast lane of I-101, popping wheelies and jumping trucks, is a sure way to get somebody killed, and usually it's one of you.

What They Look Like

GoGangers move in gangs as tight as those of the MegaViolents, only larger. Each gang has its own colors: always loud, in either two bold colors, or one color with black and white. Typically, GoGangers wear worn leather jackets emblazoned with their logo, and those with motorcycle helmets are similarly adorned. Leather and denim are the most common materials for pants, and all GoGangers wear the traditional engineer’s boots of the true biker lord. They sometimes dye their hair to match their colors, and generally wear it long, in styles from oiled curls to stark mohawks. Of course, the easiest way to identify a GoGanger is by the large, unmuffled motorcycles they drive at 120 kph past some mallbunny's sleepcube at 3:00 a.m.

Allies & Enemies

Since they’re casual lawbreakers who usually get into a lot more trouble than they plan on, GoGangers have earned the enmity of the Guardians. The StreetFighters also dislike GoGangers, largely because they sometimes harass smaller or weaker groups of people, a distinctly uncool thing to do. For these reasons, Guardians and StreetFighters will tear into a GoGanger pack whenever the opportunity arises. They also share a strange love/hate relationship with the MegaViolents, whom GoGangers consider both really radical and mentally unstable, and they all hang with the Goths, because they're up the at the same times and are afraid of nothing.


Like the bikers and nomads of yesteryear, GoGangers earn their tags through reputation or significant events early in their Street lives. This can mean a lot of variation, and the tags aren't always flattering, as a GoGanger doesn't get to choose their own tag; it is given by one's goboys. Often, they will try on a number of nicknames before one sticks, but it isn't official until one is initiated into a GoGang and "given" the tag by the gang leader. In some gangs with a sense of antiquated tradition, the tag is literally stitched onto a patch that is given to the new member. However, it is more common these days to simply declare the new member's tag aloud in front of their new goboys at the completion of their initiation.


Go howling to have reckless fun
Jingo wannabe, weak person
Make the cut to be able to ride with the best riders
Rain harassment; to be attacked
Step get on, let's go
Stride to go as fast as possible

Yogang Benefit

  • Hotbiking: GoGangers start with the Hotbiking Edge.
  • Born to Ride: GoGangers start with Driving (Motorcycle) at d4.

Yogang Complication

  • Ruthless: GoGangers have no regard for the safety or lives of others. They start with the Ruthless Minor Hindrance.


Pick any one of the following “rides”: Apache Cyberbike • Hellfire Cyberbike • Akira Cyberbike
Then, choose three things from the list below:

  • Armored riding clothing (medium)
  • Riding helmet with "heads up display" (showing speed of bike, angle of wheel to road, fuel, tach, etc.)
  • Fighting Knife
  • Heavy Pistol
  • 5 molotov cocktails


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