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GlitterKids are the media darlings of the Cyperpunk era. Sometimes it takes talent: songwriting skill, athletic ability, or an eye for dreampainting French style. Other times it’s an accident of birth: being born to famous parents. However it happened, GlitterKids are the faves, the stars, the idols of millions. They’ve got prestige, riches, and influence.

Most people who are part of the GlitterKid set, though, are only hangers-on, the assemblage of henchmen and yes-men which each GlitterKid prefers to keep himself surrounded by. To be one of these chosen few, one must be stylish, attractive, and have some sort of gift. Then one steals an invitation to some sort of event or arranges an "accidental" meeting somehow (perhaps with a few well-placed bribes at some exclusive place) and take your one chance to catch the eye of a targeted idol.

GlitterKids are most often seen in downtown spots where they can be assured of plenty of exposure, notoriety, photographs, autographs, and offers of sex. They love to surf this wave of popular acclaim, getting high from the attention, approval, and admiration. When fellow GlitterKids meet, mix and mingle, they exchange diplomatic forms of character assassination disguised as wit, scope each others' styles, and frantically keep track of whether they win, place, or show.

What They Look Like

GlitterKids wear whatever they want: generally, outfits so affected, so cutting-edge that to some people they look downright absurd. Spangles, studs, spikes, fringe, sequins, and real fur are all common highlights to the dramatic cut and color of the clothes tailored for these young celebrities. They wear fashions personally designed by Eji of Tokyo and have been known to buy the outfit off the back of another kid just because it clashed with their own. Even slumming, GlitterKids wear their own versions of grunge: meticulously torn and worn, carefully arranged so as to look as if it was just tossed on. Mirrorshades are mandatory. But the most recognizable aspect of GlitterKid life is the small flock of followers that travels with them wherever they go.

Allies & Enemies

While GlitterKids are at the top end of the social ladder like the GoldenKids, they rarely conflict; instead, each side uses the other. Even the MegaViolents and the GoGangers look up to the GlitterKids.

Most GlitterKids are musically oriented: Sarah O'Connor, Derry Eurodyne, the Bathtub Boys, etc. Because of this, and because their blatant posing and attention-getting tactics, GlitterKids have earned the eternal enmity of real rockerboys who consider them to be what Liberace was to the hard-rock set in the late Twentieth Century: effete poseurs and glamormongers. While rockerboys don't attack GlitterKids, they have no qualms about spraying them with Smash, egging their limousines, or exposing themselves to their girls. Insulted, the GlitterKids usually start a fight they can't win.


GlitterKid tags are stage names and public personas. As such, they can vary widely depending upon the GlitterKid, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are memorable. Those Glitters that are famous for their parentage are much more likely to be known by their famous parent's public surname (even if that isn't the juve's legal name). Some GlitterKids had street tags before they became celebrities and those tags followed them into fame. In some cases, the tag itself is part of a carefully crafted celebrity identity. Even among the less famous entourage GlitterKids, a cool, notable tag is essential to making their mark.


Boof GoldenKid, someone with no real talent, has-been
Frothers really, really obnoxious fans
Garnished to be fired, kicked out; to be out of favor or style
Jazz a party or social event
Mora toady, hanger-on
Rim real cool
Simba the establishment
Watchdogs obnoxious Media

Yogang Benefit

  • Fame: GlitterKids start with the Fame Edge.
    • For “entourage”-type GlitterKids, choose any one Social Edge.
  • Talent: GlitterKids start with Performance at d4.
    • Alternately, if not performers, they may have another skill that relates to their celebrity status (e.g. Athletics d6 for an athlete).

Yogang Complication

  • Obligation: GlitterKids must pay the price of fame, tending to their fans, agents, and social expectations. They start with the Obligation Minor Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • Mirrorshades
  • Cellular pocket phone
  • Personal V-Term (computer/digital assistant)
  • Aerovector model Cityscooter (a small electric motorbike)
  • Snoopbox (personal privacy monitor)


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