The Fluxer is a rare CyberGenus with the power of magnetism. The Fluxer’s entire skeleton is replaced with hexite, as are the pads of their hands and feet, all of which they can magnetize at will. This allows them to cling to and even magnetize ferromagnetic metals with a touch, and even generate a localized electromagnetic pulse. They can also extend their magnetic field to attract or repel metal objects, allowing such amazing feats as summoning objects to their hands, superhuman leaps to or from metal surfaces, or even repelling bullets!

Fluxer Powers

Regeneration Power Regeneration Level 1 Cost 3
Nanotech-enhanced healing capabilities.
Make a natural healing roll once per day.
Recovery (+1): Halve recovery time for Fatigue.
Attraction/Repulsion Power Telekinesis Level 2 Cost 2 (2/level)
Extend magnetic field to push or pull metal objects.
• Strength d12
• Range 12”
Limitation (-2): Attract or repel only.
Magnetic Leap Power Leaping Level 4 Cost 3
Make a mighty leap by repulsing from one surface and attracting to another.
• Leap 16” vertical, 32” horizontal.
Limitation (-1): Only works to or from ferrous metal surfaces. Cut distance in half if only one surface is magnetic.
Magnetic Clinging Power Wall Walker Level Cost 1
Walk or crawl on metal surfaces due to magnetic hands and feet.
• Move at normal Pace (may run).
Clinging (+1): Can only be forcefully removed from the surface with an opposed roll versus Vigor +2.
Limitation (-1): Only functions on metal surfaces.
Magnetic Disruption Power Malfunction Level Cost 2
Generate a magnetic field to erase data, or a localized electromagnetic pulse to shut down electrical systems. Can also be used to magnetize or demagnetize ferromagnetic metals (e.g. iron, nickel, cobalt).
• Roll Spirit to cause touched electrical device to malfunction.
Magnetization (+1): Magnetize or demagnetize metals.
Limitation (-2): Requires touch.
Hexite Skeleton Power Toughness Level 2 Cost 2 (1/level)
Skeleton has been replaced with hexite.
+2 Toughness
Electrical Conduit Power Resistance Level Cost 1
Able to efficiently conduct electricity.
+4 Toughness against electricity and +4 to rolls to resist electrical effects.
Metal Repulsion Power Resistance Level Cost 1
A repulsion field can push back metal-based attacks.
+4 Toughness against metal damage and +4 to rolls to resist metal-based effects.
Reflex Boost Power Super Agility Level 1 Cost 2 (2/Level)
Hardwired nervous system.
Agility +1 step.
Requires Activation (-1)
Hardwired Reflexes Power Uncanny Reflexes Level Cost 4
Hardwired nervous system.
Incoming attacks the fluxer is aware of suffer -2.

Fluxer Drawbacks

Distinctive Appearance (-1): Palms, pads of fingers, and bottoms of feet are shiny silver-black supercarbon and should be covered.


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