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EcoRaiders are leading the Green Revolution, taking Nature back the hard way. Any Corporate that gets in their way had better get ready to become a rug. These yogangers are some of the most hated and feared opponents of the ISA. More than any other yogang, EcoRaiders are totally committed, because they know that time is running out. They know the only way to stop the corporate juggernaut in time is to fight fire with fire and use the weapons of the modern age to end its rule. They draw the line at killing outright…but barely.

The most prominent aspect of EcoRaiding is pro-environmental sabotage (or Hayduking). EcoRaider yogangs are consummate guerrillas, striking unpredictably and with devastating effect. It started with small acts of sabotage, but when CorpSec started shooting at them, they soon scrounged guns and began fighting back.

At home, count on EcoRaiders keeping pets, plants, and windowsill or rooftop gardens if at all possible (these usually require greenhouses to keep out the pollution and the acid rain). They try to maintain the good graces of their parents, to keep their home life stable in support of their secret activities. Most EcoRaiders don't even try to sell their parents on natural foods.

What They Look Like

Many EcoRaiders often wear their hair long and in braids or dreadlocks, while others prefer short mops or mohawks. Their clothes are adorned in a manner similar to the Tribals (beads, weaving), but with a more angry, revolutionary tone. They wear only natural fibers or leather, making a sensible exception only for such items as kevlar. All of their clothes are of muted earth tones: browns, greens, dark blues and grays. No loud colors, both as a statement against modern fashion and as a combat-survival move.

EcoRaiders also sport combat-oriented accessories like spiked leather gloves, steel-toed boots, and head protection of various sorts. However, the most important part of any EcoRaider's wardrobe is the green bandana. This is worn conspicuously, either wrapped around an arm or a leg. It is rarely worn around the forehead or neck, because other juves love to snatch it.

Allies & Enemies

In relations with other yogangs, EcoRaiders try not to antagonize people overmuch. They voice their opinions at any opportunity, regaling people with tales of the beauty of nature and the hidden costs of society. They generally consider other yogangs to be a small-time problem, worthy of being ignored until the major problem of the corporations is overcome.

Of all the yogangs, however, they most loathe the Golden and GlitterKids, whom they consider to have sold out wholesale to the urban nightmare. ArcoRunners, BeaverBrats, and MallBrats are also much maligned, though they are considered more to be victims than perpetrators (many EcoRaiders come from suburban or arcology backgrounds, where intimate exposure brought distaste for the system). EcoRaiders have no real friends among other yogangs other than the Tribals and the Rads, and even them not much. For a long time, this made EcoRaiders an outcast group, but when the word hit the street that the EcoRaiders were leaders in the new CyberRevolution, things began to change. The EcoRaiders themselves take no notice of their change in status, because they have other, bigger problems to worry about.


EcoRaider tags are more function than vanity, serving to keep their identities disguised when raiding. While other 'gangers often choose tags that fuel their egos, EcoRaiders view their tags with more humility. They often draw their inspiration from nature, and they will occasionally resemble Tribal names. Even if their names might sound like some dangerous animal, it is chosen with respect and admiration, not out of a desire to sound impressive. Examples of EcoRaider tags might include Lobo, Sierra, or River.


Day-Glop artificial food
Flag the green bandana
Furries animals; Scaleys and Featherballs are other slang terms
Gaia the world ecosystem; has some religious overtones
Grub natural food
Rapist any developer, wilderness destroyer
Stab any projects which consumes more wilderness

Yogang Benefit

  • Hayduking: EcoRaiders start with the Hayduking Edge.
  • Saboteur: EcoRaiders start with Repair at d4 and get Explosives as a bonus Repair specialization.

Yogang Complication

  • Driven: EcoRaiders are unwavering in their cause. They start with the Driven Major Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • Camouflaged Kevlar Vest
  • Monkeywrench (combination prybar, wrench, screwdriver and hammer)
  • Environmental Analyzer (similar to a drug analyzer)
  • Hunting Knife
  • 100m Superstring climbing rope
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Snoopbox intrusion sensor


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