Crime in Night City
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There are several Underworld factions in Night City. Each faction has their own history with each other, some of it is good, most of it bad.

The Mob

The Mob has an iron fist in Little Italy. At one point in Night City's history (2005 - 2009), it was the Mob that ran the entire city, not the corporations. But in the Mob War of 2009 - 2011 the Corporations (in particular, Arasaka) annihilated the Mob with bombings, tanks, and para-military sieges. This war forced the mob, with all of its different families that once was spread out through the city to all bunker down and carve out their own territories within the small few blocks range of Little Italy.

But the Mob of the 2020s has learned its lessons …veil; it's smaller and more cautious than before, keeping its activities …veil in the shadows where the Corporations don't look too hard. It has formed a tentative peace with the Yakuza mobs in Japantown and has already begun to expand its power base towards City Hall. The Mob is patient; its sense of history is long and deep. And it is willing to wait for the right moment to rise again.

Ranks/Titles: The top dog in Night City is the Boss (sometimes Godfather); his/her name is often preceded by the honorific "Don/Dona". An Underboss is a second-in-command and takes over if the Boss is unable to lead (there can be two Underbosses, but one is more common). The Consigliere is not officially part of the hierarchy, but is very important as a trusted friend and advisor to the Boss. A Capo is a lieutenant of a division within the Mafia, heading a crew of soldiers and reporting directly to a Boss or Underboss. Soldiers are the lowest ranking members of Mafia hierarchy; grunts who do the majority of the dirty work.

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Angelo Carducci Beppo Belmonte Bruce Skiv Nunzio Scallioné Vinnie Ciccioné

The Carducci Family

Before the Mob War the Carducci Family was a lesser powered force of the local mob. Angelo Carducci was an under-boss to the Skiv Family. His territories were considered a bit slummy and old-fashioned to the other families, Little Italy looked and was run like Chicago of old mob glory under Angelo, who was in fact from Chicago originally. After the war when all of the mob families were forced to condense into Little Italy they found that the Carducci's were now pretty powerful. The aftermath of the war was messy and the families all fought each other now to carve out niches in Little Italy for themselves. However, it wasn't until a grave mistake was made by the Skivs that the Carducci's had had enough of being underlings. After the accidental assassination of Mirabella Tamalpias, Angelo's wife, that the Carducci's rose to power in 2024. They control Hot'Za Pizza and most of the businesses in Little Italy.

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Angelo Carducci Dish Nunzio Scallioné Vinnie Ciccioné

The Skiv Family

Once the most prominent family in Night City, the Skiv Family is lucky they are still allowed to manage their old territory properties. Balboa Aeronautics, Chrome Ring Gym, Beppo's Trattoria Restaurant, and Guido's Fashion Trim.

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Beppo Belmonte

Weng Feng Tong

There is no place in Little China that doesn't have dealings with the Weng Feng Tong.

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David Ling Po

The Yakuza

In Japantown, the Yakuza is the scary big brother that will kill anyone for looking at his little sister wrong.

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Other Underworld Types

We need to discuss how to tag this and what it's for.

There are other underworld factions that can be found in the cracks of Night City.

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