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BoardPunks are driven to a rootless lifestyle by a frustration with laws and convention. Strong advocates of personal freedom, they disdain popular culture and have a finely tuned disregard for the rules. No Skating signs, traffic control lights, right of way, and curfews have no meaning to BoardPunks. Anything that restricts their natural desire to move and be free is anathema.

BoardPunks will go anywhere to ride, whether it’s a secure corporate beach where the waves set up high or a deserted, booster-controlled Arco where the ramps are just right for a thrash. All BoardPunks like to stake out their turf for the maximum challenge. The Powerboarders like to Scream through pirate-infested waters tossing insults and grenades in their wakes. The Aeroboarders play chicken with AV-4s and risk flaming death against the sides of inconveniently placed skyscrapers. Smartboarders "battarope" onto speeding groundcars and dodge speedbumps at two hundred mph. For the ride of a lifetime, no challenge is too great. Ever.

On a cut, BoardPunks make themselves up in whatever kind of ritual warpaint or colors they like and choose a course to run. Sometimes they divide into groups, each with a leader, but this is more to keep everybody on course and from crossing each other up than from any sense of leadership. BoardPunks hate rules, so to them, a leader is little more than the person in front, and if you pass the leader, you just become the new leader. They go for broke, pushing themselves to ride as hard as they can, defying everything, including death — literally skate or die. They'll charge the wrong way up the middle of a freeway, slalom-course their smartboards through a crowded mall, high-speed their way up the side of a Corpzone skyscraper; the whole idea behind a cut is to be as reckless as possible, have as much fun as you can, and show the peds what it's like to be really alive.

What They Look Like

There is one and only one absolute common item among BoardPunks: a board, whether it's smart, dumb, surf, hydro, aero or skate. Besides a board, the most common outfit is the roadrasher — a tight-fitting, brightly-colored, lightly armored skinsuit. They also wear a helmet on top of that.

Out of uniform, BoardPunks wear loose-fitting clothes: long baggy shorts, T-shirts and sweatshirts with board company and competitive team logos. Most wear their hair long, simply because they never bothered to get it cut, with some sort of hat or headband to keep it back. When BoardPunks wear other affectations, they are as often as not influenced by the punk's home square or ethnic background. Fortunately, BoardPunk lifestyle requires little money other than basic equipment; what little they earn is made by scrounging items for resale or acting as couriers for other, better-off yogangs.

Allies & Enemies

BoardPunks are on at least friendly terms with Guardian gangs, occasionally acting as scouts or informants. They have some common ground with the GoGangers, since they share a disregard for "society". They’re viewed as a nuisance by the police forces, and corporate security guards will go out of their way to cause BoardPunks grief, spreading sand, gravel, or glass at the bottom of ramps to get them to shred themselves. They also sometimes fall out with ArcoRunners and MallBrats since these guys consider the Malls and Arcos their territory.

The only time things get really tight is when two different BoardPunk groups stake out the same turf. Then, it's war: a series of savage street scuffles until somebody gets run off the square. In extreme cases, one side may pick a particularly nasty route for a cut and challenge the other yogang to a race, winner take all. Knives, guns, booby traps and other brutal methods are fair game during the challenge cut; this is where most BoardPunk fatalities occur. But you know that just makes the cut more challenging, right?


BoardPunks aren't big on rules, and that holds true for their tags, too. That said, there are common trends. Speed-related tags are pretty universal among Boarders, especially Smartboarders (e.g. Zip, Mach). Powerboarders often favor water- and ocean-themed tags, and sometimes tags drawn from surfer slang (e.g. Tsunami, Nugget). Aeroboarders have a fondness for tags related to flight and the sky (e.g. Birdie, Storm).


Bounce skate in a certain area for a long time
Cut as a noun, a wild run; as a verb, to skate down the streets
Dive go airborne from a bad wipe-out
Ped BoardPunk wannabe, someone who is substandard, any non-boarder
Snort wipe out due to your own carelessness
Surf's up! watch me, lookout, let's go, general attention-getter
Tube go to an extreme, do something very well

Yogang Benefit

  • Thrash: BoardPunks start with the Thrash Edge.
  • Skate or Die: BoardPunks start with Athletics at d8.

Yogang Complication

  • Impulsive: BoardPunks start with the Impulsive Hindrance.


Pick any one type of board: Smartboard • Surfboard • Hydroboard • Aeroboard. Then choose three things from the list below:

  • Battarope towcable
  • Roadrasher or wetsuit protective bodysuit
  • Nylon Carrybag
  • Knife
  • "Splatman" Airpistol


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