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Born and raised in the so-called “beavervilles” which ring every city come the BeaverBrats: kids from the lower echelons of the corporate set. They’re well-off enough that they don’t have to worry about food and shelter, educated enough to know corporate-dominate life is a crock, and canny enough to know not to risk everything just to break the rules.

On the surface, BeaverBrats seem like normal, wholesome kids. In reality, they are tricksters and infiltrators trying to shake things up and drive off the creeping malaise smothering the suburbs. To this end, they think up weird pranks and diversions and visit them upon each other and unsuspecting targets.

All of this requires physical and mental skill. After dark, BeaverBrats train regularly, using games like capture-the-flag and breaking into each others’ bedrooms to teach and practice the arts of stealth, rappelling, evasion, and alertness. Anytime is the right time for a practical joke, which makes most BeaverBrats quietly paranoid, a rather healthy state of mind in the ISA.

What They Look Like

Most of the time, BeaverBrats look acutely normal — suburban family clothes: jeans, T-shirts, sneakers — stuff that's too plain to ever be out of fashion. Some BeaverBrat gangs may have an affectation or two: everyone has Gargoyle mirrorshades, they all wear Night City Rangers jackets, or they all have cowboy boots. These affectations are not so much a uniform as an expression of common interests and tastes among the yogang. Except for these touches, they usually dress to appear reliable, if somewhat bland, to ingratiate themselves with the powers-that-be, whether parents or Corporates or teachers. They call it The Camouflage.

But when out on a "raid", they favor black or camouflage clothes. They also have all the tools they think they'll need for the raid: flashlights, rope, lighters, smoke bombs, and whatever unusual items are required by the prank of the evening. Of course, in their fanny packs, they carry the most necessary item of all: a tightly rolled bright windbreaker which they'll put on immediately after the raid. With their windbreakers on, they'll look once more like a normal boring BeaverBrat and not at all like the suburban commandos who launched a paint-filled water balloon at the CEO of EBM America (after all, the commandos were in black, and these kids have highly visible colors, just like it recommends in the after-dark safety guide).

They don't call them BeaverBrats for nothing.

Allies & Enemies

Sometimes, BeaverBrats need help from the Tinkertots and their gizmos, so there are at least some cordial relations between those groups.

They look down on the MallBrats and don't understand the ArcoRunners, so these two groups are common targets for your pranks. The MegaViolents and GoGangers dislike all BeaverBrats for their outward appearance, so they hassle them whenever possible. But BeaverBrats can take it all in stride, simply biding their time waiting for a suitable moment for vengeance.


Some folks will tell you that BeaverBrats don't have tags, and that they just keep their wholesome, beaverville names to keep the Dead Guys off their scent. That's partially true. But the surburban ninjas absolutely do have tags, which serve as their codenames when they are on raids. These tags can vary wildly in style. Typically, they either sound "awesome" — such as BlackFox, Cobra, ShadowMaster, or Katana — or they are "cute" and somewhat tongue-in-cheek — such as the twins Mumbo and Jumbo, or Su-Z-Q.


Janitor security guards, police
Krit as a verb, to get away clean; as an adjective, great
Pews parents, from the acronym for parental units
Polebutt anyone with no sense of humor
Raid any prank or practical joke
Yahoo one who is unreliable or capricious

Yogang Benefit

  • Thief: BeaverBrats begin with the Thief Edge.
  • Suburban Ninja: BeaverBrats start with Stealth at d6.

Yogang Complication

  • Mild Mannered: BeaverBrats start with the Mild Mannered Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • Snoopbox (personal privacy scanner)
  • Smart Decryptor (opens card locks)
  • 50m Superstring (climbing line)
  • 10 pack of MicroFlashes (toothpick-sized flashlights)
  • SmartGoggles (high tech vision aid)
  • 1 Set Mag-grapples
  • Cybernetic Claw Grapple


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Forrest Arbuckle Mumbo and Jumbo Su-Z-Q
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