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BeastieBoys have always felt a kinship with animals and plants…so now they clone and raise them, bringing back whole ecologies to a world that’s forgotten them. These are alien creatures with different psyches, different patterns, and as Beasties engineer them from templates and DNA fragments, they find that they relate to them more than you thought possible. They become their mother, their protector, their steward, their shepherd. The animals help the BeastieBoys, too. Through training them, these yogangers learn from them, run with them, and earn their trust.

BeastieBoys don't beat around the bush or mince words; they speak their minds all too clearly. They don't play romantic games; if they like someone, they come right out and say it. They often fight to solve differences of opinion, but they don't hold grudges. They never take the word of someone they don't trust. And if someone is a noted enemy, they cut them no slack, hunting them down if necessary. In short, they act like animals, always frankly displaying their opinions without losing their cool. Sometimes individuals take this emulation to excess, howling, posing, and emoting just as their animal brothers do.

The centerpiece of BeastieBoy subculture is the Lab: that secret headquarters where the genetic engineering takes place. Here the best BeastieBoys recreate extinct species from the few fragments available and teach the lesser members the deeper secrets of Daktari. All BeastieBoys have access to a Lab, either in a corp plant (the weak link through security scouted by EcoRaiders), in someone's basement kitbashed by Tinkertots from looted parts, or tucked away in their own private J-Park. No matter how wild they are outside, in the Lab they’re all business, because everything they do depends on this place.

What They Look Like

BeastieBoys aren’t very uniform in appearance, though many adopt “animalistic” elements. Adorned with fringes and feathers, outfits are often made of synthetic (and sometimes real) furs and leathers. Most stuff is in neutral or earthy colors, though most BeastieBoys wear one or two distinctive, colorful items (in part to be recognizable to their pets at a distance). Most Beasties also have heavy synthi-leather gloves, pouches, and a few restraints on their person. It leads to S&M jokes, but let the matfaces giggle; the B-boys have got work to do, and they'd rather not get a faceful of claws doing it. Everything is easily washable, since many pets don't have very discriminating bathroom habits.

An animal compatriot or two is part of the outfit as well, and they are usually close by, be they cat, crow, or Compsognathus. The condition of a pet and the training it displays can megaboost one’s image, so Beastie’s often spend more time preening it than they do themselves. A few of you take this even further, tattooing or painting their faces with patterns that mimic your furred or feathered brothers.

Allies & Enemies

BeastieBoys have strong connections with the EcoRaiders. These two yogangs are yin and yang; Ecos are focused on the destruction of the enemy, Beasties on the increase of their allies. They often work together, especially on J-Parks and other large projects. BeastieBoys also have cordial relations with the Tribals and the BeaverBrats, the latter largely because they have the space necessary to help you with some of your projects. Many BeastieBoys come from the beavervilles. BeastieBoys make sure to keep good relations with TinkerTots to keep the Lab in top shape.

Fortunately, the powers that be largely ignore the Beasties’ gig. Woe betide them if the Corps see any of their "special" babies, however. The thought of kids delving into genetic engineering is enough to throw any corporate squarehead into a rabid froth of paranoid reactionism.


Unsurprisingly, BeastieBoy tags are typically animal-inspired, though beyond that there isn't really any uniformity in the styling.


Daktari the art of empathically understanding and working with animals; also refers to skill with genetic engineering
Familiar longtime personal pet
Flipper highly intelligent familiar
Pink newly-recreated species
Gengin genetic engineer, breeder; term of respect
Matface someone who follows the corporate dream; a materialist advocate of pop culture
Pack the gang
Lucy one who has ignored responsibility and begun using their Daktari abilities for selfish aims
Trophist major enemy, someone targeting the Beastieboys specifically

Yogang Benefit

  • Beast Master: BeastieBoys start with the Beast Master Edge.
  • For Science!: BeastieBoys start with Science (Genetics) at d6.

Yogang Complication

  • Secret Lab: BeastieBoys start with the Secret Major Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Biotechnica Enviro Gloves
  • Two genetic templates
  • One more exotic genetic template of an extinct or newly created species (only if you already chose the two above)
  • Reactimesh trap and animal sling
  • Sample food for most animals
  • "A Clone of My Own" home incubation kit


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