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The arcologies are the wave of the future — if you think the future holds only corporate-sucking zombies packed like sardines into cheap living conapts. ArcoRunners are the children of this environment: they realize the pointlessness and control that the arcologies symbolize. However, instead of rebelling and leaving, they have fully embraced the arcology lifestyle and taken it one step further. They are the rats of the new city, the Artful Dodgers of 2027, the de-evolutionary urban robots of tomorrow, and they love it.

ArcoRunners are the explorers of the urban jungle. Though they thrive primarily within the walls and ducts of arcologies, they do not limit themselves to those domes and confines. Every building and every city comprise the playground of the ArcoRunner, who freely roams over, within, and through the concrete jungle. They go wherever they aren’t supposed to: pipes, ducts, storm drains, electrical access tubes, sewer lines…if there is a way to get there, an ArcoRunner has found it, mapped it, and tagged it for future explorers.

Nothing is ever wasted in ArcoRunner subculture, because everything they have is too valuable, and everything they prize is too hard to get. Outgrown clothing is traded or sold, and trinkets and fetishes change hands regularly. ArcoRunners don't have too much of an attachment to material things, and their accoutrements change hands pretty often. The most valuable items, though, are maps, and they’ll go to any lengths to copy or steal them to further their knowledge of their universe.

What They Look Like

ArcoRunner exploration outfits are usually grimy with accumulated grit and dust of forgotten areas. Typical attire includes water-resistant jumpsuits, battered helmets, and jungle boots. A utility belt probably holds some rope, picks, grapples, magneto-pitons, night goggles, and other paraphernalia.

Whenever possible, they aim for clothing which carries the image of things long out of date and use old technology. Flight suits are favorites, as are bomber jackets. Whatever they wear, it isn’t normal mall fare. They try hard not to fit in with the sterile arcology environment promoted by the corporations that own and operate them.

Allies & Enemies

As part of the total urban scene, ArcoRunners appreciate the Vidiots and the Tinkertots. They have an especially close relationship with the Tinkertots, exchanging information, hardware, and knowledge.

They also have an insincere appreciation and admiration for the Mallbrats, GoldenKids, and GlitterKids. This is another manifestation of their tongue-in-cheek embrace of the Arco lifestyle, but only the MallBrats are aware enough to understand the sarcasm ArcoRunners inflict so freely (MallBrats and ArcoRunners often get into fist fights).

Arcos have frequent run-ins with the BoardPunks, who interfere with the Total Urban Environment when they use an Arco plaza for their acrobatics. Although they’re both pretty similar, they never see eye to eye, and there is a long-running feud between these groups.


ArcoRunner tags typically evoke a blend of the modern and the historical. While they usually go by their own given name or a nickname, they will often pick a surname that evokes some person, place, or event that had some significant impact on past civilization and technology. Examples include Zaz Chernoble, Gadget Lamarr, or Cam Coronado.


Downside in the sewers and rain drains beneath the Arcos
Drop to hide, to rappel, to leave
Gallic cigarette, joint, incense spliff
Slicin' great, cool
Spud an ArcoRunner, or another yoganger who's cool
Tilthead anyone who's not an ArcoRunner
Upside in the air ducts or above the ceilings

Yogang Benefit

  • Free Runner: ArcoRunners begin with the Free Runner Edge, even if they do not meet the requirements for it.
  • Climber: ArcoRunners start with Athletics at d6.

Yogang Complication

  • Driven: ArcoRunners have an insatiable need to explore the places in the city that they’re not supposed to be and map them out. They begin with the Driven Minor Hindrance.


Choose four things from the list below:

  • 100 meters of Superstring climbing rope
  • 10m Flashtape (glow in the dark light source)
  • Breather mask with 10 minutes air
  • Tech Tool Kit
  • Pack of 10 MicroFlashes (toothpick-sized flashlights)


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Gadget Lamarr
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