Alchemists possess nanites that can sample and reassemble matter on the molecular level. In practical terms, this allows them to physically reshape any nonliving material, even turning it from one matter state into another (e.g. solid to liquid) or changing it to another molecular structure entirely (e.g. turning coal into diamond).

Alchemist Powers

Regeneration Power Regeneration Level 1 Cost 3
Nanotech-enhanced healing capabilities.
Make a natural healing roll once per day.
Recovery (+1): Halve recovery time for Fatigue.
Disassembly Power Decay Level Cost 8
Matter disassembly; solid to liquid, liquid to gas.
Each full round spent in contact with a substance destroys up to 80 pounds of matter.
Rapid Decay (+6): Amount of matter destroyed per round x8.
Limitation (-2): Does not affect living tissue or Nanotech.
Molecular Manipulation Power Matter Control Level 2 Cost 7 (2/Level)
Matter shaping and assembly.
Strength d12 (Affect up to 60 lb. of matter at a time).
Master (+5): May affect all forms of matter, one at a time.
Persistent Creations (+5): Creations do not dissolve.
Requires Material (-2)
Limitation (-2): Shape and barrier only.
Limitation (-1): Does not affect living tissue or Nanotech.
Limitation (-2): Requires touch.


Energy Requirements (-2): Must eat a full meal every 12 hours or lose access to Matter Control. After another 12 hours without proper sustenance, the Alchemist loses access to the Decay power. These powers can be regained with a full meal and at least 6 hours to properly digest and replenish nanites.


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