21st Century Slang

Other street languages besides Genspeak have grown out of the fragmentation of the country. Here are a few of the terms that form the current street argot.

Slang Term Definition
AI Artificial Intelligence; a computer with full self awareness
Booster any member of a gang that affects cyberware, leather clothing and random violence
Charf to throw up
Chilled to be cool; to be together
Chippin' In to cast your lot with a group; to connect with a machine
Chombatta (Choomba, Cho) Neo-AfroAmerican slang for friend, family member
CHOOH2 ("Choo") Streetslang for alcohol, as used in vehicle power plants
Chromer 21st century heavy metal rock fan
Corpsicles CorpSec agents or troopers
Cybered Up to get as much cyberware implanted as possible before you go over the Edge
Dataterm/V-Term a streetcorner information machine, with a normal or V-screen, Net inputs, and keyboard (static grid or otherwise)
Dead Guys/Zombie Girls adults, especially people who work for Corps or the ISA
Derezz discorporate, disappear (in computer terms)
Disk record, recording; a laser disk
'Dorphs Strestslang for synthetic endorphines, designer drugs that limit fatigue and produce a "rush" similar to a second wind
Drek nonsense, bullshit, excrement
Flatline to kill; a dead person or thing
Genies Genius Gun rounds
Goboys/Gogirls friends
Go Kevlar to get the Carbon Plague
Handle a nickname, a working name you are known by; Tag
Hydro Streetslang for hydrogen fuel, used to power a sizable number of vehicles in the 2000s
Input girlfriend
Juve juvenile, teen or pre-teen child
Keyboard Streetslang for a computer interface with manual keys; also a terminal
Netrun to interface with the Net and use it to hack into Dataforts
Output boyfriend
Polymer one-shot any cheap plastic pistol, usually in the 5 to 6mm range
Posergang any group whose members all affect a specific look, style, or bodysculpt job
Ripperdoc surgeon specializing in implanting illegal cyberware
Rockerboy/girl a musician or performer who uses his or her art to make political or social statements; Rockerboys are not the same as rockstars, who are usually "owned" by recording mediacorps and are apolitical
Samurai a corporate assassin or mercenary, hired to protect corporation property or make strikes against corporate enemies
Slammit On to get violent to attack someone without reason
The Street any urban place that's not corp-owned, the Outside
Streetdrek a derogatory term for homeless or lower class people
Square turf, homeground
Solo old-time specialist cybersoldier or mercenary
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